A Cunning Rooster

This cunning rooster has been elusive since opening day. Today it ran into two shooters one of which (me) it didn’t know about.

The dogs got onto him and he rushed into some thick stuff, they stayed on him and I backed up a bit on the track and shot round the back of the thick stuff. The rooster was now between two of us and the dogs hard onto him. The dogs then flushed him right in front of me and he leapt up out of some thick stuff onto the end of my gun. Ok it was about 3 metres off the end, but the end result is the same….duvet.

The Beretta AL391 Urika Classic from Hamills Manukau puts down another bird.

Federal Game-Shok® Upland Game – Heavy Field absolutely wrecked this pheasant. Turns out two hunters, two dogs and two guns are more cunning than this cunning rooster.

A Cunning Rooster meets its match

A Cunning Rooster meets its match

A Cunning Rooster meets its match

That's not lichen, it is feathers

A Cunning Rooster meets its match

Wrecked him


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  • oswaldbastable

    I use a .410 which doesn’t fuck up the eating. And you can still use lead!