A question for Pam

So Pam Corkery’s ill conceived idea for a brothel for chicks has come to nought. I note that she said:

The ex-MP said she had multi-million backing for Pammys Spa Bar and Bordello but “lost her nerve”.

“It’s millions of dollars from a foreign investment fund,” Corkery told Sunday News. “That’s a far cry from the hands-on control I imagined.

Now colour me stupid, but surely Pam has read up on the law regarding international financing of brothels or indeed any part of the sex industry in New Zealand.

Prostitution Reform Act 2003

19 Application of Immigration Act 2009

(1) No visa may be granted under the Immigration Act 2009 to a person on the basis that the person—
(a) has provided, or intends to provide, commercial sexual services; or
(b) has acted, or intends to act, as an operator of a business of prostitution; or
(c) has invested, or intends to invest, in a business of prostitution.

(2) It is a condition of every temporary entry class visa granted under the Immigration Act 2009 that the holder of the visa may not, while in New Zealand,—
(a) provide commercial sexual services; or
(b) act as an operator of a New Zealand business of prostitution; or
(c) invest in a New Zealand business of prostitution.

Fairly clear cut I would say. Sounds like Pam’s statements are full of crap.

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  • cadwallader

    Despite your comments I think the most amazing aspect of Pam’s dealings is, that as an ex Alliance Retard, she had the nous/inclination to consider any form of enterprise.

  • hagues

    The law you have stated was about granting of Visas, is there anything to stop foreign investment where the investors do not enter the country? She is probably telling pork pies all the same…

  • jamegumb

    Cracks started to appear in pammie’s story right from the getgo.

  • willywopper

    Maybe she was pissed out of her mind —– again!

  • tooright

    Depending on the number of “multi” millions she was getting from her foreign investment fund she may need OIC permission. I think the threshold is $100M or sensitive land. How big a hole was she planning to fill?

  • jimmie

    Hmm gotta wonder about these ‘foreign investment funds’. I wonder if she had to forward an application fee via Western Union to access it? Hmmm maybe delivery has been unexpectedly delayed due to the president of the Bank of Nigeria’s uncle dying. However if she sends an extra $5000 then the investment can be still delivered – next week!

  • giblet

    Maybe her funding was coming from the same foreign source that Tear-wee Serepisos was relying on to stave off his bankruptcy.