A record that will never be beaten

The Police are pleased at a record low road toll for Queens Birthday.

The Queen’s Birthday holiday road toll stands at zero for the first time since records began.

No-one had died on the roads by 6am, the end of the official holiday period.

New Zealand’s top road cop had “everything crossed” last night for the first zero holiday road toll.

Police roading national manager Superintendent Paula Rose said a lower speeding tolerance, more police on the roads and well-behaved drivers all contributed to one of the safest long weekends in history.

“I can’t describe what it means to me because it means so much.

“There’s not a single knock on someone’s door yet saying, ‘Your loved one’s not coming home’,” Rose said.

The zero toll marks the first time since records began in 1951 that no-one has died on New Zealand roads during a holiday weekend.

The previous record low was one person, in 1956.

This record cannot be beaten, unless of course they go all out and drag a corpse out of a hospital and revive it in the middle of the road.

I drove over 1000km this holiday weekend and I have to say that the Police policy of making themselves almost invisible between Auckland and Waipukurau was a brilliant strategy. They should do it more often if this holiday road toll is anything to go by.

On the drive home yesterday there were a few inconsiderate slow pokes but generally no super speedy tossers. One guy in a Honda CRV thought he could travel in the fast lane for as long as he liked on the Waikato Expressway. Other than that it was pretty good, and I must say there actually wasn’t a lot of traffic even at the usual choke points at Tirau, Taupiri and Bombay.

Perhaps it was the price of petrol rather than super invisible policing that reduced the road toll to the record low.



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  • alex Masterley

    Drove from Auckland to New Plymouth and back again over the weekend.

    Saw 5 cops on the trip and two camera cars at the usual places on the waikato express-way.

    Road empty both ways and those out there were travelling at much the same speed.

  • andretti

    I own a hotel and this last weekend was very very slow in fact the worst occupancy we have had for a long weekend since we have been here (5 years).Other hotels in the district were the same (top of the south).So it appears that the roads may have been empty which I would think would be a major factor in the low toll.

  • whafe

    I too feel that it was lack of people heading away for the long weekend. Still a great results.

    But nothing within me feels it was more police presence on the roads.

    Still at a loss why the police dont feel the need to pull over someone doing 80Km/h!

  • paranormal

    At the risk of being accused of raining on their parade the police and LTNZ are just crap when it comes to the road toll. Forcing drivers to concentrate on the speedo inside the car reduces their concentration on what’s happening outside. We had some really serious accidents over the weekend that made the papers and the fact there were no deaths says more about improved vehicles on our roads and improved emergency medicine – getting injured people in to A&E within the crucial golden hour.

    Also shows we’re concentrating on the wrong metric. If we were measuring the number of serious accidents rather than deaths the police would have to hang their heads in shame as they are just not ‘winning’.

    Police myopic focus on Speed ignores the real problem with New Zealands drivers. We do not teach our young to drive and handle vehicles properly. As soon as there is some bad weather the accident rate goes up.

    Interestingly, those boy racers that survive will generally be the better drivers in the future as they know how to handle their cars in an incident as they have regularly experienced it.

    As soon as the police and LTNZ get their heads out of their collective ….. and start to teach our young drivers what they need to know the better.

    By the way, Andy Knackstead will be the first against the wall when I’m running the country. At this rate Superintendant Rose will be the next after the Knackstead knave.


  • johnqpublic

    Given 350 people die a year, in a good year, I’d suggest 3 people dying in a holiday weekend is rather normal, as it tends to happen every Friday -Sunday period every week, only it doesn’t get the same publicity as public holidays. Now the cops will be all cock-a-hoop it was their 4kmph tolerance bullshit that did it, and will make it 3kmph next time, or 0.

  • mediatart

    Drive from Auckland to Waipukerau- mmmm was that a little bit closer to Waipawa, 10k up the road.
    WE all know Simon Lusk lives there. How many mallards did HE bag?

    • He doesn’t duck shoot, so none as far as I know.