A response to the cripple on Asset Sales

Yesterday the political cripple responded to my Hansard extract post and thought he had neatly sidestepped the issue of Labour’s utter hypocrisy in opposing what they once supported. Strangely he now thinks I am in the pay of two research units. I wonder how he we will handle it when I publish something from Labour’s research unit that is emailed to me? Accuse me of being in the pay of three? Silly Duck, my research unit is Google.

Now here’s an even better example of Labour’s and Trevor Mallard’s forgotten (to them) history.

He was a contact for the proposal to sell down 49% of Air New Zealand to Qantas (released just before Christmas 2002)

“The Ministers leading the government’s response to the Air New Zealand – Qantas proposal are: Finance Minister Michael Cullen as holder of the Crown’s 82 percent shareholding in Air New Zealand, Transport Minister Paul Swain as holder of the Kiwi Share, and Associate Finance Minister Trevor Mallard.”

And what does this proposal to sell down 49% of Air NZ (when Trevor Mallard was a ‘go to’ Minister) tell us?


  • The government would retain a majority 64 per cent shareholding.
  • Without it “there would also be a real risk that the government as the principal shareholder would be called on for further substantial funds, diverting government expenditure away from higher priorities in health and education.
  • Despite a 49% Qantas share the Government was satisfied that they could maintain “effective control of Air New Zealand by New Zealand nationals
  • They were confident they could preserve “the unique New Zealand identity of Air New Zealand
  • The proposal provides that the Air New Zealand board will retain absolute authority over Air New Zealand and manage the day to day operations of the joint venture.

There’s a word for Labour’s misguided asset sales campaign and it starts with ‘H’. Actually there are quite a lot of ‘H’ words that can be used. Let’s make a list in the comments.


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  • adolffiinkensein

    Horseshit, hooey, humbug …………………….

  • reid

    Benedict Arnold, Judas, apostate, back-stabber, backslider, betrayer, conspirator, deceiver, defector, deserter, double-crosser, fink, hypocrite , impostor, informer, intriguer, miscreant, quisling, rebel, renegade, snake, sneak, snitch, snitcher, spy, squealer, stool pigeon, tattletale, traducer, treasonist, turncoat, two-timer, whistle-blower, wolf, imposter, mimic, poseur, pretender, actor, charlatan, deceiver, dissembler, fake, faker, fraud, imitator, impostor, quack, snob, bilk, bluff, charlatan, cheater, chiseler, con artist, confidence operator, conniver, cozener, crook, deceiver, decoy, defrauder, dodger, double-crosser, double-dealer, enticer, fake, hypocrite , impostor, inveigler, jockey, masquerader, pretender, quack, rascal, rogue, rook, scammer, shark, shyster, swindler, trickster, victimizer.

    Yes I know some of them don’t start with H…

  • thor42


  • jman

    Hoist by their own petard

  • Trevor Mallard

    Hey Whale didn’t we reject it. Fire those NACT researchers. They are making you look like an idiot.

    • The Commerce Commission rejected it, you were hell bent on trying to recover after you destroyed shareholder value by refusing Singapore Airlines investment. I remember well Helen telling Mum and Dad investors to hold onto their shares and then two weeks later after the company went tits up you had to buy it back.

      The only idiot will be you when I flay your hide in the bike race. From the reports from my spies it is probably better you concede now, then you can get back to planning for labour and I can concentrate on Duck shooting for the rest of the season.

    • reid

      Trev memes don’t work with us. Conservatives aren’t your usual lefty cattle.

      Just thought you’d like to know.

      Would be good if instead of repeating/trying to establish a meme, you could say something pertinent instead of merely political. I recognise you might not know the diff, but ask someone normal and they can run you through it.