Audrey Young channels Cluster Farrar

My good mate Cluster Farrar got it badly wrong on the ACT coup, running the lines of a bitter and twisted Bill English when it was obvious to those in the know that Rodney was rooted and just needed a good push.

After Rodney got pushed he then ranted about how people didn’t like the way Don got rid of Rodney, mainly because he did not follow a text book path that is approved within the beltway.

This meme has been picked up by Audrey Young in todays Herald.

Brash is Act at heart, but the ruthless way he got rid of Hide has damaged him.

Really Audrey? Where have you picked that up? Long cups of soy latte watching Farrar chug Quarter Pounders? From members of the National Party who have having a sook about Don Brash running for another party? From inside the beltway where people care about these things? Or like Cluster Farrar have you been thinking that the general public are actually interested in politics?

I believe most voters didn’t read anything more into the coup than that little prick Hide who was rorting tax payers dollars and got caught got replaced by an older guy who nearly became PM for another party a few years back, and seemed to have a few good ideas on Maoris?

If damage means receiving a flood of donations to the empty party coffers, or increasing membership at a rate that would make all political parties very, very envious, and building a good team to fight the election with when voters are actually listening then Don Brash most certainly is damaged.


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  • TheBug

    What the press doesn’t seem to understand is that the people who don’t like the way Brash took over ACT almost definitely wouldn’t be the sort of people who vote ACT anyway.

    Generally ACT voters are more commercially minded conservatives – I see it as a business takeover where someone stepped in and snapped up an underperforming business as they think that they could run it better. This makes me MORE likely to vote ACT as he has shown he has some balls!

  • dpfdpf

    I suspect what Audrey is referring to is the fact ACT said under Don they would reach 15%, yet in four separate polls now they are at only 2%.

    ACT will do better if they listen to John Banks who says he is standing in Epsom to provide partner who will support National, yet push them faster in the right direction.

    A far better strategy than open letters claiming John Key is governing for Labour and the Greens.

    • I think you mistake the ramblings of John Ansell for those of ACT.

      • ltchop

        And you Wa’il mistake ACT for political party – it is nothing more than hand bag carriers for the National party.
        If after two weeks of wall to wall media attention ACT cannot poll outside the margin of error it is stuffed ! ACT is nothing more that a retirement home for old National members and political nut jobs ! Thankfully the average Kiwi voter is smarted than Donny and Johnny thinks – we remember the 80’s and 90’s when ideology ran far ahead of reality. 98% of voters say no to a return to such silliness – which part of 98% does ACT not understand ?