Bring Back Darren

It seems there is a growing consensus that now the Police have decided not to lay charges that Darren Hughes should be or could be rehabilitated.

His biggest redeeming features seems to be everyone likes him, he is funny, witty and doesn’t belong to any factions. Not exactly star qualities but there you go. For a Labour party bereft of any talent it seems Darren Hughes was it.

About the only people not falling over themselves to let Darren back in though, are the the Labour party.

There are any number of  safe Labour seats where the incumbent could drop off the list and give their place to Darren to return in a few short months. Annette King for one. It has been widely tipped that her former flat mate was being tipped to replace Annette King in Rongotai anyway after the next term. She has a safe Labour seat and a high list ranking, she could give up her spot for Darren.

Trevor Mallard and Grant Robertson are likewise in safe Wellington seats and have decent list ranking that would help Darren Hughes return. Perhaps they could take one for the team and drop their list position.

After all the pronouncement it seems that this is the easiest solution for Labour to make amends for the appalling way that Phil Goff handled the situation.


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  • jabba

    give up their seats .. fat chance

    • reid

      Yes I think possibly that was Cam’s point jabba…

  • reid

    My take on this is this:

    Being naked is how he was found that’s a plain, bald indisputable fact. How come he was naked? How did he become naked? He has a girlfriend from the first reports of the incident. How come a straight, young 18 year old man is found naked? Most 18 year olds don’t like running around naked in public, it’s not a common desire amongst that age-group. The fact he was hiding his privates while trying to get a lift, indicates he wasn’t doing it on for exhibition reasons either. Rather it indicates a young man’s natural reaction to an unnatural situation.

    All of these reported FACTS indicate he didn’t just get up, shake Darren’s hand, walk out the door, take his clothes off outside, saunter down the road and start thumbing. Rather they indicate in the common-sense world of actual reality that something else went on to make him end up in the situation where we know all of those facts about how he was found.

    So in the real world of actual reality where human beings operate and there are no pixies, what might logically and realistically explain all of that?

    I mean something sure as heck happened, to make him naked. So he either did it voluntarily and then for some reason he changed his mind after he was naked, or he was asleep and someone took his clothes off, or someone just attacked him and tore off his clothes.

    There are no other possibilities.

    Which of those is most likely, given how 18 year old straight males generally behave? I think we can rule out number three for surely if there were torn clothing the police would have had enough evidence to charge. So that leaves numbers one and two. Which of those is the most likely?

    Remember, there are no repeat no repear no, other possibilities in any way whatsoever. So which alternative does one think is the most likely, in the real, actual world where human beings operate and there are no pixies?

    • peterwn

      There is another possibility. Being rather late he was offered a bed and having no pyjamas just stripped off and went to bed. Up to that point perfectly normal and nothing out of the ordinary. Then ……..

  • br10

    Something extremely sordid happened one night in March at Annette King’s house.

    It is known that Hughes and the boy were drinking together earlier on, and that the boy accompanied Hughes back to Annette King’s house. It is also known that the boy was subsequently seen naked in the street by a passing motorist and was later picked up by a police patrol in a distressed state. The whole affair was initially covered up by the Labour party, but as soon as it became public, Hughes resigned. A police investigation into the affair was launched in response to a complaint. The police eventually decided not to press charges as the level of proof was deemed insufficient to gain a conviction (not surprising when it is only Hughes’ word against that of the boy). However, the boy was not charged with wasting police time, nor was he charged with making a false complaint.

    So why won’t Hughes fill in the gaps? If there is a perfectly innocent explanation for the whole affair, let’s be having it.

    If Hughes gets back into parliament, he owes the NZ taxpayers, i.e. those of us who pay his salary, an explanation. People that are paid high salaries on the NZ taxpayer and who also have the power to make laws which restrict and regulate the behaviour of the citizenry should be held to a higher level of accountability than the minimum level of proof required to convict a common sex offender.


    • “Peo­ple that are paid high salaries on the NZ tax­payer”

      It’s not enough. They don’t put in a 40 hour week and the pay is terrible for the job.

      I wouldn’t do it for that sort of money.

      • devlsadvocate

        And yet more and more every year line up for the jobs.

        If that’s for pure goodness of heart, then my oh my we’ve got to call the Vatican, they’re a little behind on doling out the accolades…

  • kehua

    That`s just the point Bill, Dirty Darren was trying to fill in the `gaps`, I figure the case couldn`t proceed because the `victim` ( and there was one ) just wasn`t prepared to become a public spectacle because of a piece of shit like Hughes.

    • reid

      All sorts of possible reasons kehua.

      I am very disappointed in Liarbore’s official caucus stance on this as enuciated by Mallard. This just abrogates completely any sympathy or compassion for a young man who was clearly traumatised that night, for some reason. Now someone did that and if not Darren then who?

      Liarbore’s official caucus stance makes it quite clear they think the young man did it to himself. There is no other way to interpret their supportive stance for Hughes, than that an official political party of the NZ Parliament, really does think that the young man either somehow traumatised himself or was just making it all up, for unspecified reasons but the deafening silence on those just says only one thing, is their hope, in the public’s mind.

      Quite why they think someone so passionate about Labour politics as that young man was, who voluntarily and probably gratefully and excitedly accepted what he thought, was Hughes’ kind invite back to his place. Crikey. A senior Labour MP, chance to have a chat just with him. Chance of a lifetime. Then to have what has happened to him, happen. And to see Labour do what it’s done, given they would know far better than any member of the public just what this young man has been through. For them to take this causcus stance they have, is disgusting.

      They pretend they are the party of love, but you can see, they’re completely ruthless. I hope at least one Labour MP has the guts to take a stance in support of this young man. Just one, to prove that just one of you actually has an ounce of humanity and integrity.

      • reid

        If perchance his parents or well-wishers ever read this and can get a message to his parents, I would recommend this young man is introduced to Nigel Latte.

        The guy specialises in this age-group plus he has done a fantastic job with Sophie Elliot’s mother, he counselled her for as long as it took.

        Seriously. Yes this is not on that scale but the guy is good, is the point.

  • paulus12

    If Darren Hughes is the best Labour can do, WOW

    He would be stupid to try to come back – he has fringed the Rainbow faction without coming out !

    Darren go get a real job, and stop trying to rort the NZ taxpayer.

    Go with Carter and his mate to New York, mother will see you right – yea.

  • whalewatcher

    there’s a great Keith Richards line… “low friends in high places”

    that would be Hughes when he was in Parliament.

    He is creepy, and Annette King is tarred with the same muck

    It reminds me of all the creeps in the early Nazi party.

    • reid

      Well I’m convinced when Silent-T assumes the mantal of leadership he’ll re-design the military’s uniforms but fortunately not tastefully like Napoleon did in his day but rather with a lot of epaulettes and braid and such-like. He’s just that sort of Silent-T, really.

      I wonder how many mirrors he has at home?

  • whafe

    Not many people whom don’t have some skeletons in their closet, that goes for many politicians too, but this whole Hughes episode / topic is as creepy as can be….

    Where there is smoke there is fire…

    • mediatart

      How many resignations have we had from Keys ministry?.

      Carter was the first, he joked , to actually written his own !!

      That leaves 3 who went under clouds of smoke

      • cadwallader

        Who Tart?
        1 Worth.
        2 Wong.
        3 ?

        Let’s not forget Labour’s defence of Field.

  • royaloaks

    Lets move on from this Darren Hughes saga. Its like a cancer, needs cutting out and moving on. The whole thing is sick, vile and whatever way you look at it something stinks. He may not have been charged but naked 18 year olds running away from Annette Kings house with Hughes inside leaves a foul taste in ones mouth.

    • cadwallader

      How can we safely move on while this creep and the idiotic Labour caucus think he may return?