Caption contest

via the tipline (Bryce Edwards first published on 20 June)

This is a non-photoshopped genuine photo of Phil Goff campaigning in West Auckland yesterday last week. Comedic Gold!

Phil Goff photo - Clowns


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  • Roll up, roll up! Every sucker gets a prize!

  • royaloaks

    Put a ball in his mouth and win a prize. A weekend away with Full Moon and Dazza.

  • Doc

    Where are the clowns?

  • angrywasp


  • devlsadvocate

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome! You knew it wouldn’t be the same without the Bearded Lady and the Luxury Loving Happy Boy, and you were right! We’ve got so many sideshows it’s all hands on deck! Look! The Ringleader’s drumming up the punters outside while the punters are entertained at the live show inside! Come one, come all, we see your Lance Armstrong, champion rider with one testicle, we raise you a champion Duck with One Brain Cell on a Pushbike! Come see Man with Five Chins, and we don’t mean Chinese people! We couldn’t find one on our Party List! Come witness us skirting the Human Rights line dangerously with the Ginger Homosexual in a Psychological Cage, be stunned by the Incredible Disappearing Surplus, The Postcard Pickpocket will get your attention one way or another! Get in quick, the tent has to be back at Parliamentary Services by 3pm! Ladies and gentleman, discounts for Credit Card Payments,just thank our fine Nigerian sponsors! Aren’t they kind, aren’t they kind. Come see the Incredible Rare Straight Male! Just flown in from Ponsonby this morning, lucky to find it, its the only place we looked! And from the Front Benches, the T is there somewhere, now you see it, now you see it, step up step up ladies and gentlemen, first 100 under the big rent tent is tax free, everyone else pays double! But don’t worry about that because we won’t stop you getting in the back door especially if you prefer double entredres! Come see the Pony Show, see how many vot – er, clowns come out of a single, car! Plenty of shows for even the rightest-leaning of punters, the List goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on…don’t drag your feet, Ladies and Gentlemen, Filibustering is our job, not yours! We know, because we’ve seen to it you don’t have one! Plenty of time on your hands to come see the show! Ladies and Gentlemen…

  • michaels

    That is a seriously funny photo.
    National must adopt it for an advertising campaign.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    “Get your Labour Caucus here!”

  • bryce

    Great photo.

    There are some other photos from this source, available here (where the photo was first published in the blogosphere!):

    And another one here:

    • Sorry Bryce, didn’t know you had first published it. Will attribute it now.

  • davidw

    “Nessum Dorma…. Nessum dorma ………”

  • cadwallader

    Love it! I expect that by 26th November that picture will be almost as famous as the Mona-Lisa. “Goof meet Goofy!”

  • cadwallader

    PS Judging by his clenched eyeballs he is having a screaming contest with Minto!

  • “Whaddya mean; Len Richards wants his megaphone back?”

  • funkdup

    Now if there’s a smile on my face,
    it’s only there tryin’ to fool the public,
    but when it comes down to foolin’ you;
    Now Helen, that’s quite a different subject.
    But don’t let my glad expression
    give you the wrong impression.
    Really I’m sad.
    I’m sadder than sad.
    You’re gone and I’m hurtin’ so bad.
    Like a clown I pretend to be glad.

    Now if I appear to be carefree,
    it’s only to camouflage my sadness.
    In order to shield my pride I try
    to cover the hurt with a show of gladness.
    But don’t let my show convince you
    that I’ve been happy since you
    decided to go.
    Oh, I need you so.
    I’m hurt and I want you to know.
    Just like Chris Carter did,
    I try to keep my sadness hid.
    smilin’ in the public eye
    while in my lonely room I cry
    the tears of a clown
    when there’s no one around.

  • steve

    “Give me back my emails”

  • scanner

    Trevor don’t touch me there, you know I don’t like it.

  • kisekiman

    Hey anybody out there know how to use a computer? Our IT dept is having smoko and I forgot my password.

  • sandynobb

    I’ve shat myself.

  • arnold

    Darren, when i said “get in behind……”