Citizen A – 16 June – online now

Citizen A this week with blogger Phoebe Fletcher and that awful Bomber Bradbury

Issue one: Another tragedy at Kings and the focus has conveniently gone on youth drinking. When will NZ grow up over its alcoholism?

Issue two: John Key greenlights Casino masquerading as a conference center in what amounts to a Hate Crime against Auckland Architectural Heritage

Issue three: Should Right Wing black ops thug, Cameron Slater be allowed to breach Labour Party supporters privacy and will this election see the rise in online dirty tricks from the Slater sewer? [Bomber writes this stuff]


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  • andyscrase

    Phoebe Fletcher seemed quite onside with you on a lot of issues Cam.
    I liked your little dig at Prof Peter (Trust me I am a scientist) Gluckman over AGW.

    Poor old Bomber looks like he’s going to pop a blood vessel or two.

    Best entertainment on TV in a while.

  • cribble

    Phoebe has not, apparently, followed the news of drunken thugs and screeching slags from Germany to Uk when she blithely asserts that Europen drinkers “…are socialised to drink more responsibly they don’t have the same sort of issues….”. Give me a break.

  • I liked the discussion about alcohol. Like Cam I drink very much in moderation. I have never understood the appeal of drinking to excess.
    I like to be in control at all times. I don’t like to make a fool of myself. When ever I have vomited due to food poisoning I felt like dying. Why anyone would think that it was desirable to drink till they vomit, lose control ( and in the case of a woman make oneself vulnerable to abuse ) is beyond me.
    I watch people at social functions like I watch animals in the Zoo. It amazes me to see drunks chatting away about utter garbage all the while thinking that they are witty and funny. Honestly if someone videoed them and played it back to them the next day they would be so embarrassed. I have come to the conclusion that it keeps happening because often there is no one sober in the room by the end of the night to witness the behavior. It is a case of everyone is doing it so it must be ok. Herd mentality I guess. That and the fact that people honesty believe that they can only relax socially and have a good time if they are plastered.

  • reid

    Cam Trevor may start having some trouble sleeping if you keep making the points you’re making.

    I just wondered if you’d considered that in the run up to the big race.

  • br10

    That loudmouth Bomber needs to implement some audio level processing on these clips. He is about 10 to 15dB louder than everybody else. It’s very annoying.


    • andyscrase

      @br10 I was thinking the same, but if he pops a coronary at the same time it could provide some televisual entertainment.