From the Maimai: Kev says

Whaleoil hunting MallardsSitting in a maimai with a few blokes and shotguns waiting for ducks sorts out a lot of problems. This will be a regular column now and from time to time my Duck Shooting mate Kev will send me through something.

He is a man of few words. Here is his first pronouncement:

Kev says 1080 is by far the best option for this countries possum problem provided deer repellant is always used in areas where hunters are present. Dunne obviously thinks that NZ is as flat as it appears on a map if he thinks the problem can be solved by ground trapping.

Those little furry f*ckers are much better equipped than humans at handling those bluffs that most of us know are out there. Just remember, as you told me those farmers will expect a compensatory hand out if TB gets away.

1080, fark yeah!


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  • … to ask DOC to prioritise a national policy on possum-fur harvesting, because its economic potential could encourage the culling of possums.

    Now that makes sense. Make money out of them by killing them.
    Or pay country teenagers per possum tail. Nothing motivates like money. Whole species have been wiped out because of hunters greed in the past so lets use it to our advantage and wipe out the possums. If they have a season when lots of females are pregnant increase the price per head at that time. Kill the next generation.

  • paranormal

    I’m with Spanishbride on this one.

    We didn’t have a problem with possums until the bounty was removed. My neighbour in the halls of residence put himself through university by running a trap line over Mount Pirongia – the sort of country they now say can only be managed by chopper. Yeah right.

    Aerial dropping 1080 is a really bad thing. Clements Mill Road used to have really abundant bird life until the first 1080 drop. Now it’s still silent.

  • Sorry Whale – your mate needs to get out of his maimai more often. How would he feel if 1080 was dumped in his favourite duck pond.

    • If you knew who my mate Kev was you wouldn’t be saying that.

  • crabby

    Im with Spanishbride also, 1080 is teh bad.shoot the fuckers. The nubs who drop it often can’t aim and it ends up in the sea and other unintended places and allsorts of things get blamed on toxic sea slugs :P