From the Maimai

Kev says:

That things are quiet here in the maimai so we have filled the thermos with latte and the Hilux with Auckland road subsidising diesel and we are heading north to help out Lord Mayor Len with a spot of taniwha hunting.

The only spirit we know about  is good HB chardonnay so we have enlisted the help of Pastor Brian to help with the hunt. After all he spirited $850k from Paula’s purse.

For decoys we will be using Col. Sanders silhouettes and a magic wand to shoot this whanau phantom from the past.

Hey Len do not give any credibility to this fictional BS and for heaven sake don’t spend any of our hard earned fuel subsidy dollars on making it go away.

Ignore the taniwha.  Fark yeah


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  • spiker

    Hi Kev,
    If things are quiet enough to head in to taniwha country I hope you’ve found time to write a submission to the Law & Order committee in regards to the slimy Bill the police are trying to slip through.

    The Arms (Military Style Semi-Automatic Firearms and Import Controls) Amendment Bill if passed will give the police the power to declare your favourite duck gun as a mssa regardless if its a semi auto or not. This bill affects every A category firearms license holder & less so MSSA owners as the Bill title suggests. If you are unaware of this I suggest you visit & educate yourself. Submissions close next Thursday.

  • bevanjs

    Is the BS fiction much different from the idea many call God, except perhaps in the scale of the BS?