Give us back our money or get back to work

Via the tipline – that shabby bunch of socialists, the NZPF, aided and abetted by Labour’s NZEI buddies, will be protesting at Ministry of Education offices against National Standards on Friday. These losers just don’t know when to leave the party. You have lost – now move on.

Anyway, I can reveal that principals negotiated a cosy agreement in recent pay rounds. Each one gets an extra $2000 on top of their not inconsiderable salaries to implement the Government’s literacy and numeracy programmes – e.g. National Standards. This amounts to $6 million dollars a year. So my question is – will these tossers be returning this payment as part of the protest? I can guess the answer to that. Will Perry Rush be dropping off a cheque to the Ministry for his $2000? Not likely.

I do wonder though who is in charge of their schools while they are protesting? Are they still getting paid while deserting their posts?

What a luxury for these civil servants to take time off and pick and choose what they want to do – while one in five kids is failing at school.

My spies tell me Anne Tolley is biding her time, but that the money tap is about to be turned off and the troops sent in to sort these guys out.

I can’t wait.

It is high time that our politicians took a leaf out of the playbooks of Scott Walker and Chris Christie and sorted our the state sector unions including the uppity teachers.


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  • thor42

    Tolley seems to have been biding her time for the last gawd-knows-how-many years. I’m not at all convinced that she is tough enough for a real stoush. I very much hope I’m wrong.
    Anyway, national standards are **desperately** needed. You only need to read the paper and a few signs in shops to see that. These bastard teachers do a crap job as it is, let alone having the nerve to ask for *more*.

  • funkdup

    Hmm, I think I’ll be checking whether our kids’ principal is protesting and what type of leave she took if so. She has Annette King’s phone number stuck on her wall, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she is one of the main protagonists, nor does it surprise me that she’s out of her depth in the job and already likely to be down the road soon.

  • navygreg

    my 14 yo daughter is a dimwit at maths (same as me ).She asked for extra tuition at maths instead of doing “cultural studies ” and got a detention for bieng racist, followed by a 40 min lecture from the principal who then had to duck out for a union meeting.
    WTF is going on , this needs to change