Giving students choice is evil?

Trevor Mallard thinks that giving students the same choices that everyone else in the country has, over whether or not to belong to a union, is evil.

Senior Labour MP Trevor Mallard says the only way the opposition has of stopping a bill it fundamentally disagrees with is to delay it for as long as possible.

“It’s a very serious filibuster, we think the bill is evil but not a cent extra is spent because Parliament hasn’t gone beyond 10pm on any day that bill has been considered,” he told Newstalk ZB.

Labour has deliberately delayed debate for about six months by debating minor points on other legislation, costing millions of dollars in wasted parliamentary time.

Labour really picks dumb fights to have a crack.

Labour has been trying to build the meme that John Key is evil for nearly 6 years and now this week their brilliant campaign manager has decided that instead of John Key it is freedom of association that is evil.

How truly sad and irrelevant have Labour become that they think giving students choice over belonging to a union is “evil”.

No wonder Labour are crippled in the polls, their campaign is being run by a political cripple.



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  • thor42

    Agreed. Most student unions are ***fucking ignorant*** when it comes to the big issues. Things like the Middle-East, for example, when they invariably side with the Fakestinians.
    Yet Mallard **still** wants to force students to join up with the pig-ignorant student unions! This just goes to show that The Duck is as bad as they are.

  • reid

    The reason why Liarbore thinks its evil is because student unions are their hatchery. It breeds adult lefty politicians.

    They fight as hard as any mother would when an enemy attacks their young.

    Aren’t they mental.

    Just wish they were honest about it, rather than pretending their opposition to it is based on something else.

    The old canard “There is nothing so vigorously defended as a vested interest disguised as an intellectual conviction,” raises its ugly head. Again.

  • thor42

    This kind of stupid mindless policy is pure Labour stuff. They can’t help themselves.
    More than ***anything else***, Labour just love to tell people what to do, and what Labour thinks is “good for them”.
    Interfering busybody socialism.
    Perish the thought that people might have a mind of their own. Good heavens no!
    Perish the thought that **people themselves** – not troughing lying pollies – may actually want to do what THEY want and not what Labour wants.

  • nigel201065

    Just repeat after me
    “Labour knows best”
    Now repeat until you believe it like every commie, pinko, scumsucking leftist Fuckard

  • mediatart

    Im ‘enrolled’ in a PHO whether I like it or not. If not , I probably dont get state subsidies for my doctors visits. So the piper is calling the tune.

    Much the same for the students associations, who is paying 2/3 of their course costs and then funding them for the remaining 1/3 they have to pay back ( without interest).

    The government is the piper for the students , so they may as well dance to the taxpayers tune.
    If the students didnt pay up them the university or polytech would invent a ‘student ammenities charge ‘ or something , which would be compulsory.
    Its totally impractical to have a user pays for student facilities. And the universities would rather the students funded and ran their own system rather than the big bad university do it for them

    • thor42

      Nice diversion, tart…. What the FUCK have PHOs and “student amenities” got to do with it??

      The topic (in case you hadn’t noticed) is fucking compulsory membership of student unions.
      If “Brian the student” thinks that the student union is a bunch of boofheads, then ***WHY THE FUCK** should he be forced to support them? Answer THAT for us…….

  • toby

    Gee thanks, Trev. It’s the taxpayer coughing up for your delaying tactics. Hope it’s worth it for ya!

  • devlsadvocate

    Quote from :

    ‘Labour’s shadow leader of the House, Trevor Mallard, said the figure was nonsense.

    ”The figure is wrong. It doesn’t cost an extra cent for the House to sit. It hasn’t gone into urgency.”’

    Trevor, go fuck yourself. Sure we’re not paying EXTRA, but time in Parliament is PAID FOR. It must be tough for someone who doesn’t work for a living to understand but when you pay for time and then squander it, it’s just as abhorrent as paying extra!

    Whether the figure is right, wrong, outrageous or honest is irrelevant. You condone wastage which the rest of us pick up the tab for. “Filibustering” is a rather kind term for outright theft, as a last resort of those too incompetent to be an Opposition.

    It is best for your country, your people, your party that you just stay home and maybe take a nap – it’ll fucking cost us less, you thieving prick.

  • gazzaw

    Trev, what absolute bloody bullshit reasoning is that. As an honest politician you’d make a fucking good asparagus picker and we all know how competent you were at that.

  • excuseme

    mediatart: “The gov­ern­ment is the piper for the stu­dents , so they may as well dance to the tax­pay­ers tune.”

    Good comment, tart. That’s exactly what’s happening. The Government, representing the taxpayers (if you haven’t noticed), is passing legislation to give student’s choice to join a union – or not. That democracy thing is a bugger, isn’t it?

    • mediatart

      Since when are they ‘unions’- they are student associations!

      Gee the monkeys dont seem to have enough bananas to go round today.
      when did any of the posters have to pay student association fees this year

      • gazzaw

        Thats semantic bullshit tart and you know it. All of the academic/education related unions are called associations or institutes eg PPTA, TIASA, Association of Staff in Tertiary Education, NZEI. They don’t want to be confused with workers who actually get their hands dirty.

  • cadwallader

    It is quite a number of years since I was at Uni. My recollections of student politics include the fact that very few students were in the slightest bit interested. Those who were seemed to be:
    a Ugly
    b Dirty
    c Intolerant
    d Dictatorial
    e Conceited.

    If the students’ unions weren’t compulsory they’d fade away. Good.

    PS The description above applies perfectly to both the Labour and Green parties.

    • grizz

      I disagree that they would fade away if made compulsory. They would have to get real in order to attract supporters to survive. This would not be a bad thing.

      When I was a student, I would cringe at having to pay my student Association fees. Not only did I disagree with their politics, they were hijacked by fruitloops living on the fringes. It was hard to know if they were ever serious or otherwise.

  • grizz

    I just wish Trevor and Labour would just be honest about making student unions voluntary. It will take away a significant breeding ground for labour politicians, particularly their political elite. Their reasons are selfish and are nothing to do with the welfare of students.

    • thor42

      ### GRIZZ FOR P.M.! ###

  • gazzaw

    ‘when did any of the posters have to pay students association fees this year’ asks mediatart. Well, every f*****g taxpayer has had to pay students association fees this year by way of cost of living loans to students that never get repaid!!