Happy Birthday to the Blog

Today the blog is 6 years old.

On this day 2005 I started blogging. My first post was about what pisses me off.

The blog was named after my best mate suggested the title. The logo was designed by another friend in Wellington.

Those two things are the only things that remain the same since 2005. The writer, me, has changed a great deal. The story of that change is buried somewhere in the 13,800 posts I have written since I started.


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  • Happy Birthday Sweetheart, it’s been one hell of a ride!

  • michaels

    Happy happy birthday Whale. How you have grown into a big 8 year old. Not sure how long I’ve been visiting but it must be 5 or 6 years I guess. Seen them come and go and probably half of them have just changed name and not fucked off like I suggested…. The likes of Harp-on etc.
    Keep hanging em high Whale.

  • michaels

    opps, SIX!!! You just look older :)

  • kehua

    Congrats Cam, it`s been a great ride, keep it up. Thanks for the info, heads up, humour and honesty and much more to come.