How about "A Big Gay Waste of Money"

Nikki Kaye is struggling to find relevance. She is trying to come up with a name for a big waste of public money.

Nikki Kaye searching fro relevance

How about “A Big Gay Waste of Money”?

or “LGBTs should pay for their own festival”?

or No Public Funding for Pride?

Or “Rebuild Christchurch, don’t spend money on Pride”?

Or “More operations in public hospitals, Less public money spent on Pride”?

As readers know I preach tolerance as indicated by the election policy on gay marriage in the 2010 local body elections. Regular readers will also know that it has a hatred of wasting public money on stupid things that should be self funded.  Nikki Kaye’s pandering to the LBGT community is a pragmatic electoral move, so good on her for that, just don’t expect the rest of us to pay for it.

Reminder:       The tipline should stop getting messages that Nikki Kaye is a lesbian because she is not.


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  • royaloaks

    I can never work out the reason why the gays always want to flaunt, dance and prance in front of other people. Its like,” look at me, I am special” I myself dont give a rats arse what they do in their own homes. If they really feel the need to put on a show, hire a hall and do what they like. Pay for it themselves though.

    • reid

      royaloaks the word “gay” apparently came out of San Francisco in the 60’s and stands for “good as you.”

      This is the reason why gay people put these things on, not so much for the people who are already “out” but to communicate to those who aren’t, that it’s OK.

      I guess that’s why they call it coming out. It’s a fairly big thing for most gays, although these days it’s becoming less traumatic than it used to be even back in the 80’s.

      But that’s why they do it.

  • whalewatcher

    I watched some of the Hero parade back in about 1994. It was the biggest yawn, and I left early. A bunch of deviants in scanty leather, dancing in cages on flatdeck trucks, or fat ugly dykes on their bikes.
    Nothing to be proud of, certainly not heroes by any stretch of the lycra, leather, or imagination.
    I don’t know what the homosexual/lesbian scene want to prove, nor do I understand their urge for self-display. Is it insecurity?

    People can do whatever they want behind closed doors, but don’t wave it in my kids’ faces, and don’t ask me to pay for it.
    Pay for your own bloody parties.

    And don’t call your unholy civil unions ‘marriage’. Cos it aint.

  • james

    Actually WW gays were marrying in the time of the Roman Empire and other places and it was no big deal.And modern marriage as we know it is a fairly recent thing….so called traditional man/wife marriage is historically bullshit…..even Jesus couldn’t be bothered with it…

    • reid

      even Jesus couldn’t be both­ered with it

      Really? So the significance of turning water into wine at a wedding kinda passes you by then James?

      If you’re saying Jesus was against marriage because he himself didn’t get married, it’s a long shot on your part and I fear entering into a debate with you on this wouldn’t yield much data. Instead, have a think about this.

      Wisdom [is] before him that hath understanding; but the eyes of a fool [are] in the ends of the earth. Pro 17:24

  • tookinator

    “The tipline should stop get ting messages that Nikki Kaye is a lesbian because she is not.”
    If she doesn’t fancy me what other explanation can there be?!

  • thor42

    I would like Nikki Kaye to spend money on a dirty weekend with me in an upmarket motel……. ;)

  • james

    Gee Ried get called anal retentive much? According to the Bible Jesus never married…rather an odd thing for a jewish man of the times NOT to do but anyhoo…..

    ( He also didn’t seem to love his mum much either…)


  • SJ

    you said that already