It was always about the money

If people were in any doubt as to the rort that Hone Harawira was trying to organise, look no further than his Facebook Wall. The stupid bastard doesn’t even know he is standing in Te Tai Tokerau…he thinks he is standing for Kris Fa’afoi’s electorate.

Hone Harawira is boasting about being a party leaderIt was always about the money for Hone Harawira, moeny for him and money for Mana to campaign with.

This can all be stopped by the people of Te Tai Tokerau voting for Kelvin Davis. He actually is a good guy, not some venal racist thug looking for a parliament to mooch off.

Vote Kelvin Davis and stop Hone Harawira and his band of commie hangers on.


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  • reid

    Wonder what the KFC turnover is going to be tomorrow in Tai Tokerau?\

    A mysterious unexplained spike?

    • mediatart

      Treating is plainly illegal, and would see any successful candidate disbarred.
      Its an urban myth that it has happened before.
      Just getting your supporters to the polling booths does the trick anyway. Why risk it.
      Thats Nationals problem coming up, and what will bouy labour in November,
      The bad polls and a better election result will save Goff after the election.

      • reid

        Yes a convenient ‘urban myth,’ that’s all it ever was.


        Why is getting people to the polls “National’s problem?”

        Last I heard, the party with the most thickos: i.e. people too stupid to be able to remember the election is this Saturday, was you guys.

        Hopefully something will save Phil, lest he get all sad, but I’m afraid poll turnout will be rather high anyway, given all the recent ongoing drama and all, so I really doubt if something actually does save him, it will be that.

  • Hone is a terrorist, pure & simple. He is the equivalent of some raghead mofo who straps on an exploding vest.

    Kelvin Davis, on the other hand, is just wrong rather than evil.

  • liberty

    “Hone is a ter¬ror¬ist, pure & sim¬ple”
    Phil Goff likes to hold hands with a terrorist.
    It would better for the country for labour to win.
    Because there is no place in parliament for racist
    gits like Hone.
    The down side is the lefty media will make out that Labour is now on the way up. Whereas Labour winning is just a convenience. Monday Labour can crawl back in to its hole where it belongs.

  • mediatart

    Surely he kids himself as having “authorities” in management of the house affairs.
    Labour is mostly ignored in such things, Hone will get the bums rush.
    Sure he will get some more money as ‘leader’ but crafty Lockwood Smith will pro rata it !!
    Normally we see Hone cruising around in his personal ‘taxi’ a Holden Omega, that is at his beck and call , paid for by the taxpayer ,but not available for any one else.
    He knows that turning up in a big car impresses the locals in Northland, who hope they too will ride on his coat tails.

  • nigel201065

    as my brother noted
    Hone is a
    nationalist and a
    Hmmm i wonder when the last time the world saw this

  • Mr Blobby

    Yes he is a racist and goes out of his way to set back race relations and divide the country, to keep the lucrative grievance industry rolling along. He and his kind won’t stop until they are in a position to roll out the final solution. What they don’t understand and never will, is that the basis of a parasitic relationship is not to kill off the host, just suck it dry.

  • Don’t worry, even if the inbred POS is turfed out of Parliament today, he’ll find another job sucking on the taxpayer’s teat tomorrow. Prick has not contributed a single thing on any day he has spent thieving oxygen, why would he start now?

  • lulu

    I struggle to reconcile the merit of democarcy with having that racist piece of shit in Parliament with his own racist party. Hone and his party really are the wreckers and haters. Sad day.

  • Pretty fucking good example of why the universal franchise is an utter and abject failure. What right ought people have to decide who runs the country if they don’t contribute to the state treasury?