It's Kermadec Crunchy-Wasp

High-profile sports identity arrested for assaulting woman

Why didn’t they say Olympian?

The tough guy afraid of his own name bashes another woman. A perfect case of why name suppression stinks.


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  • At least it wasn’t a baby.

  • royaloaks

    They should have kept the mongrel in prison for his 2008 bashing and rape of another women. Name and shame the asshole I say as he is a danger to society.

  • jabba

    what’s wrong with this bloke ?? why doesn’t he just join a gym and take up boxing

  • tristanb

    When are these new name suppression laws that Simon Power promised in October last year coming into effect?

  • kehua

    Talk about a useless arsoul.

    • They’ll pownce on you for that Kehua

  • thor42

    Yeah, the name suppression on this guy is completely pointless – about 90% of the country must know who he is.
    Anyway, Kermadec Crunchywasp could be a good name for a racehorse –
    “$20 for a place on Kermadec Crunchywasp, race five, Ellerslie…… “

  • devlsadvocate

    Jeesus – just read up on the Sensible Sentencing trust website – chilling quote on one of the pages, “Morals don’t count anymore. Gold is what’s important.”. That seems to apply to so many of our badly behaved sportspeople.

    We have some fucked up priorities, for sure.