Labour Leaks – Chris Flatt begs

Just received another letter from Labour…still not using lawyers.

I wonder when they will write to their donors in light of my post this morning telling them that there is a clear and present danger that their credit card details are likely to have been breached?

My inclination to help this bunch of muppets is very low considering the attacks mounted by their proxies at The Standard and through John Pagani.

They are still whining about this like it is my problem.

Labour Letter from Chris Flatt


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  • becn

    Does anyone know what the penalties ARE for breaching the privacy act? Theoretical max and actual penalties that have been applied?

    • becn

      I actually LIKE our privacy laws – but I’ve always had the impression that they are a bit of a damp squib. More “aspirational” than with any teeth.

  • michaels

    I notice regular commentator Trevor Mallard has been very quiet here lately.

  • devlsadvocate

    “…is likely to be a breach…”

    If he believes it to be a breach, he should nut up and say so. Assert, goddamnit!

    Nevertheless it is rather touching that he’s taken the time to warn you of potential susceptibility to has beens (or something to that effect, the words are in there somewhere).

    Regardless of the quality of the correspondence I’m sure he means well and has only your best interests at heart, Whale…

  • abjv

    I think Labour breached them by leaving a load of credit card stuff in a place where the Nigerians could find it. I wonder if Mr Flat has taken out an ad in the Abuja Tribune asking people to destroy the information they may have obtained?

    I wonder if Mr Flat has realised his party is “susceptible to further action under the Privacy Act from any individual or individuals whose privacy has or have been compromised” by Labour’s ineptitude. And who knows what sort of damages claims under civil law. Kind of makes me wish I’d donated $10 to their Stop sign campaign.

    From what I remember, NZLP is not an incorporated society; I recall that legally it is an unincorporated society made up of a load of local branches as members, some of which might be incorporated. You can’t sue an unincorporated society as a whole; you have to go after its office holders. Bet Mr Flat’s sphincter is real tight at the moment.

    I also thought payment solutions providers required their customers to keep names, passwords, accounts etc secured. I wonder when they’ll enter the fray with regard to a number of penalty clauses that their provision of services agreement no doubt has.

    • adolffiinkensein

      The idiot’s name is Flatt with two Ts.

      As in Flatt broke.

  • cadwallader

    Ignore them! They’ll hate that more than any overt action.

  • naylor

    Labour should be more concerned about protecting their site than attacking and threatening Whale. It is Labour’s own fault they’re in this mess not anyone else. God they are pathetic – no wonder the electorate has lost faith in them.

    All Goff can talk about is getting that kiddie fiddler Hughes back into Labour to sort them out. How, with a lot of booze and a few swiss balls in the caucus room? Meanwhile Annette King will be “asleep” at the back of the room -Yeah Right

    • abjv

      Probably why the kid left the house in a hurry.

  • hagues

    How does he know whether or not the retention of the information is necessary for your blog? It most certainly would be if you wanted to post that information.

  • royaloaks

    Chris Flatt and the Labour Party are now really plumbing the depths, again. Tell them to go take a hike Whale. Just a dumb arsed outfit. Not even fit to be an opposition party. They need some more Helen lies to help them out.

  • gazman

    Hmmmm….must be time for some more “txts from New York”?

  • cactuskate1

    Chris Flatt needs to tell me precisely the information of mine that has been leaked looking at that last passwords post of Whales.

    His behaviour is getting a bit petty considering I have publicly stated I wouldn’t be taking Labour to the Privacy Commission yet he’s cranking letters out threatening Whale with it.

  • lowercaseusername

    When the hell am I going to see this story on One News or equivalent? One of the Big Two political parties in this country exposes credit information to entire internet for months, yet nothing.

  • monty

    Dear Mr Flatt

    The Labour Party are a bunch of pricks who will do anything for political gain. Your Party fights dirty and spreads lies and destroys careers of good people for Political gain. The attaccks of good citizens of New Zealand became feed-up with the theft of money, the corruption, the lies and spend and hope policies of the Labour Party. Constant lies and personal attacks continue on anyone who dares to disagree with the politics of the Labour Party So here is the

    1. Labour will make a public apology to all who they have scorned over the past 15 years. They will admit they were wrong to destroy the careers of good people – such as Christine Rankin, Kit Richards, Peter Doone.
    2. Labour will admit they prposely stole from the hardworking taxpayer and have rorted the Public purse for too long and no longer will they breach the parliamentary rules regarding using staff and facilities illegally for campaign purposes
    3. Effective immediately Labour will no longer attack people for having a different view. They will fight on the grounds of difference in policy only
    4. Labour will admit they have buggered up and that the information I have obtained was not hacked or supplied by any member of the National Party
    5. Labour must vow not to engage with Winston Peters in any manner should he by some miracle get past 5% come the November election.
    6. Labour will be truthful about the role of unions in th eLabour Party. Theey must disclose the value of the “Union Resource” in the 2002, 2005, and 2008 and 2011 elections.
    7. Trevor Mallard must retire

    these demands are not negotiable (well maybe #7). But any con-compliance with these conditions will result in the full schedule of names being released.

    Otherwise you can go to hell and I will release them when the story is about to die – in the meantime I will continue to tease the faithfull and loyal readers of about the release of this very damning information which does include the fact that total online donations from xxx number of people is only an average of #xx.33 per person, or a total of $xx,997.16 since xx/xx/20xx.

  • rouppe

    What planet are they on.

    1) It is Labour who have breached the Privacy Act. Principle 5 states:

    An agency that holds personal information shall ensure—
    (a) that the information is protected, by such security safeguards as it is reasonable in the circumstances to take, against—
    (i) loss; and
    (ii) access, use, modification, or disclosure, except with the authority of the agency that holds the information; and
    (iii) other misuse

    2) If Whale releases the information he may have a defence: Principle 11 states:

    Principle 11
    Limits on disclosure of personal information

    An agency that holds personal information shall not disclose the information to a person or body or agency unless the agency believes, on reasonable grounds,—
    … or
    (b) that the source of the information is a publicly available publication; or

    Whale obtained the information from a public place; there is no other appropriate description of the state of the server on which the information was held, so Principle 11(b) applies.

    Labour have gotten so used to making a threat and having everyone back down that they’ve forgotten that not everyone respects them. Many respect them even less now.

  • Ciaron

    Ignore it, let the bugger stew.

  • naylor

    Labour only went into partnership with Winston Peters because he held a deep dark secret about Helen’s husband’s extra curricular activities in an LA nightclub and sorted it out for Helen.

    Labour is so corrupt that they have forgotten who is important – the people of New Zealand. That is why the Nats are doing so well because Key get it. Mallard, Hodson, King, Cunliffe certainly don’t. Nor does their desperate to be next leader Andrew Little.

    • I know this is OT, but seriously naylor get your tongue out of Key’s sphincter. Hes just as self-serving, just as venal, just as corrupt as any in Labour. Witness the way he and English disposed of Brash after the Klarkenfuhrer stole the ’05 election. Witness the craven pandering to the party of apartheid. Witness the worshipping of Gaia at the alter of the watermelons.

      Now, back to the scheduled broadcast…

  • rouppe

    Another thing to consider, if you want to totally root the Labour Party, is the Payment Card Industry body. At my place of work we are being required – even though our data is behind several layers of firewall – to change how we process credit card data to ensure that it is securely handled, and not able to be misused.

    It’s called PCI-DSS the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. We have to change under threat of being labelled by this group as ‘unsafe’ which means major card agencies will not deal with us anymore. If this breach were reported to PCI, then perhaps no card payments agent will deal with the Labour Party organisation anymore…

    • thor42

      Good call, rouppe!
      I just sooooooo wish that I had donated to Labour’s “sign campaign”. The reason being that the release of my credit-card information would present me with the ohhhh-so-wonderful opportunity to ***sue Labour for every cent that they have.***

      • Great. A Statement of Claim seeking $7.59. That’ll learn ’em! :)

  • thor42

    On having read Labour’s grovelling letter, this phrase really stuck out –
    “… we remain concerned about the privacy of the individuals…..”

    Ohhhhh….. so, NOW Labour is “concerned”! Gee, fancy that. They sure as heck were NEVER “concerned” enough to secure their website properly. Oh, but now that their slack security has been exposed for all to see, they say that tehy’re “concerned”.

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