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Education through advertising

Meanwhile Stuff mis-represents my position. I have not backed down at all, I just think that rather than focus on the people who have scrimped and saved to give $7.50 or $9.25 to Labour for a donation that the focus should still be on labour for the incredibly hopeless situation they put themselves and the donors and members who face this situation through the fault of Labour to adequately protect their information.

This story is n’t about the battlers who mistakenly thought Labour would keep their data secure it is about Labour’s inability to run a simple website and their complete incompetence since it was revealed.

Labour talks about how they moved to close the loopholes swiftly after being altered to the issue. The simple fact is that had David Fisher not rung them asking for comment their site and the 6 months worth of backups, logs and files would still be exposed to the world.

I broke this story because Labour had left the site exposed for more than 10 weeks perhaps longer. I checked every day and every day they failed to close the loopholes.

The donors are not my focus. They are perfectly entitled to freely donate to labour, and they should continue to do so if they still have confidence in them. Labour sure as hell needs their money.

Labour tried from the very first day to paint this as some sort of malicious smear and attack by National and that annoys me hugely. It annoys me because national had nothing to do with either alerting me or as Labour have constantly lied handing data to me. Their IT staff are on slightly above Labour’s on the muppet level, I mean going in and leaving footprints everywhere wasn’t exactly smart was it?

The fact that Labour have only released select lines of massive logs as somehow proof of some master conspiracy just raises more questions. Were the logsd and reports they released provided by the same muppets that left the site exposed for months on end? Where are the rest of the logs? What other ip addresses accessed this data? When is Labour going to announce that ip addresses from the USA to The ukraine accessed this data as the logs show going back as far as October 2010.

So far every lie they have told I have refuted and refuted with data. If they keep on lying about ip addresses I will post entire logs showing ip address access to their data every month until the election. Let them explain the database downloads from China and the Ukraine and the US and let them try to say that those were done by National party operative.

The more they lie the more data I will release. But I won’t release data in their terms it will be on mine and in my timeframe.

Meanwhile they should start sending staff on some remedial training courses. If Labour can’t run a website they sure as hell can’t be trusted to run a country.


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  • positan

    Cameron, could I ask – as a result of Duncan Garner’s affirmation on TV3 this morning that you were led to this matter by National Party sources – whether you’ve taken up the issue in any way with TV3?

    Both Garner and TV3 shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it.

    Also, I find it curious that neither Campbell nor Sainsbury have opted to confront the issue. Chickens? Or demonstrably Labour supporters?

    • gazzaw

      Demonstrably on the left. I’m not particularly partial to Brownlee but the comments by the Walrus about Gerry on Closeup last night were extremely personal.

  • pwebb

    Meanwhile Stuff misrepresents my position.

    What is your position Cameron. You started off by promising a Hollow Men type expose. You were going to release all sorts of stuff showing what terrible things the Labour Party was doing. You then said that you had all these credit card details. You then said that you did not have credit card details but the ability to do stuff with the server. You now seem to be saying that you do not have any of these details.

    You have spun this well Cameron but you keep telling fibs and trying to make out that you are more important and powerful than you really are.

    • thor42

      He has done all that he needs to. You’ve presumably seen the video-clip showing how he got the information.
      It is LABOUR who need to get their A into G and apologise to their donors for their (Labour’s) slack security.
      In chess terms, it is Labour who is in check. It’s their move…..

    • Labour would just love me to present all the information I have, so they can get the pain over and done with. I am not going to play their game. Or your game.

    • Oh and I have not told a single lie, but there are plenty Labour has, starting with them saying the nats lead me to this and they are my puppet masters.

      • pwebb

        What about “I have credit card details”. Is that true or not?

        • You will just have to wait and see won’t you

          • pwebb

            Come on Whale. You said you had the data. Do you have it or not? If not you are lying. Although you have lied in the past about stuff where you thought you had a political advantage. So answer the question, do you have the data or not?

          • I have many Gb of data from Labour’s site

          • pwebb

            Not an answer. Do you have credit card details or not?

            Yes or no. Simple question.

          • Duh ( simple answer )

          • funkdup

            This whole business is over your head isn’t it pwebb?

            There were never c/c details stored on the Labour servers. What was stored (unsecured) was the credentials required for access to the payment processor.

          • pwebb

            So when Cameron said in his video

            “This is where they keep their membership information, credit card information. And none of it is encrypted … there are credit card details …

            What we have here are transactions, credit card transactions. I can click on any one here and it will show me details … ”

            he was not referring to credit card details?

            Lulu I was just trying to work out if Cameron tells the truth. He has set himself up as a social commentator. He should try and get things right at least some of the time.

          • Did the union office close early today?

          • pwebb

            Still waiting for that answer.

          • Wait some more

          • reid

            You’re the only one pwee. The rest of us are patient and amused and just want it to play out for as long as it possibly can and laugh mightily as it does.

            Will you laugh mightily pwee? I hope so.

          • pwebb


            I just want to know. Was Cameron telling the truth when he said he had credit card details or was he telling fibs?

            If he was telling fibs he should be ashamed.

            Why do you guys support him? Do you think that winning is more important than the truth?

          • reid

            Why do you guys sup­port him? Do you think that win­ning is more impor­tant than the truth?

            Not at all. Why would anyone? However, the only substantive point in the scheme of things that’s been made thus far is that if Liarbore can’t run a website they sure as hell can’t run a country, is apparently true. It’s a fact they cannot secure their most precious data. We all know this. Don’t we. Yes we do.

            That’s the only substantive point he’s made, so far. Personally I’m just happy to wait for the others for I expect they’ll be interesting. I just don’t understand why you’re so impatient. It’s almost as if you’re not having a good time, which I know can’t be true.

            No seriously pwebb, that’s where I stand. Sure Cam has dangled a few hooks in the water and a few fish have leapt at the bait, re: data he may or may not have. But who cares what he’s said he has? Why is it important?

            What’s important is what he shows us. That’s what counts.

          • gazzaw

            They don’t go in on Fridays WO.

          • lulu

            Fair enough. I set out my position clearly enough this morning. I have nothing to add. See line 3 for my position on that score.

          • reid

            Why does he need to answer your question pwee?

            Who cares if he has data and what data he has.

            The main point so far is that within the entire Liarbore party – caucus and the entire membership base – there is no-one, not a single one, not even one of the keen young intelligent lefty uni activists apparently, that has the first fucking clue about how to treat the most sensitive data any political party possesses. That’s how mental they are. The whole fucking lot of them.

            If Liarbore was a country, then Whaleoil could easily be in possession right now, if indeed he possesses anything, of their most sensitive defence plans. That’s how critical this data is, to a political party.

            And not one of the drop-dead mental mentals ever once thought, that duh – maybe that just shouldn’t be, as they logged on to those websites very often indeed, as one would if one were a Liarbore activist.

            And these are the people that are asking us to trust them with such important things as trade with other nations, sending military missions overseas, making laws that affect our freedoms, designing the economy and other such things. I mean fuck. Fuck fuckity fuck. You’d surely have to be a complete and utter drop-dead mental times infinity plus a fuck fuckity fuck fuckhead wouldn’t ya, if you came within a thousand mile range of anything to do with those losers.

            I think that’s Cam’s main point and personally I think I agree.

          • reid

            P.S. I’m sure there’ll be other points made as well as this saga continues and I’m quite looking forward to finding out what those are in due course.

            Are you looking forward to it as well, pwee?

  • symgardiner

    Oh.., that’s awesome! You can show others from China etc have been in looking and taking copies?
    If people know that and don’t cancel their credit cards this instant, they only have themselves to blame. And their banks should not be covering them either.

  • lulu

    PWEBB. Let’s take it from the top. It is WO’s blog, his rules, his credibility and his self respect. He is not asking any of us to read it. We are here by choice.
    I don’t know whether he plays the truth straight or whether he uses a little omission or teasing for effect any more than main stream media or anyone else in the blogosphere. I think that he displays greater self awareness, puts more thought into his posts and is more consistent with his positions than the bulk of stuff on the internet.
    What is interesting is the pressure that is brought to bear on him and how he responds. I think he is completely within his rights and consistent with his own rules to arrive at a point where he just says fuck off.
    This week I have watched the data/password/credit card story unfold on another blog – The Standard. I am appalled by the nasty, vindictive, self righteous, arrogant, one eyed, dishonest drivel that I have seen over there. Makes WO look like a Saint.
    Maybe he has the credit card details – maybe he hasn’t. He isn’t obliged to tell you or anyone anything. That is his choice. Stay tuned or fuck off. That is your choice.

    • cadwallader

      Lulu: Absolutely right. This week the foul types at the Standard are almost beyond description in their baseless, but panic-ridden lying. Let the Labour losers suffer! It hurts all the more to know we as taxpayers are supporting that festering pile of shit.
      WO is possibly the most consistent blog man in NZ. If he responds as the Labour losers wish, he’ll lose his integrity and the favours he derives from his own self-respect. I hope he tortures the Labour Party with a slow and methodical disclosure of his facts. (Anyone seen the thuggish duck this week?)

  • busman007

    sounds like Russell wanting his flag back !!!

  • mickrodge

    Actually pwebb,

    You asked “so answer the question do you have the data or not”?

    To which Cameron replied “I have many Gb of data from Labour’s site”.

    To which you replied “not an answer”.

    Sir I think you will find that was indeed an answer to your question. I’d kindly ask you to withdraw & apologise.

    And then refer to the last sentence of Lulu’s post for good measure.

  • tooright

    Rumours the crippled drake seen at Wainuiomata Westpac ordering a new credit card – seems his $5.25 donation for a lame sign has compromised his card. Oh the pain.

  • funkdup

    pwebb: I’ll give an example of an ecommerce enabled website.
    They advertise products for sale, and someone wants to buy something. They choose the product and proceed to ‘checkout’. At this point everything is still done on the vendor’s website – all the goods they choose, delivery details etc. When it gets to the payment part there is a third party, the payment processor, who handles the transaction. The purchaser’s web session is directed to the payment processor’s web-server. The actual credit card details are submitted to that server, not the vendor’s server. In this manner the vendor does collect the details of the purchaser and the transaction amount, but not the sensitive credit card details. The payment processor simply sends a confirmation to the vendor’s web server that payment has been processed successfully.
    So there will likely have been details of the donors and the amounts given stored on Labour’s servers, but the actual c/c details will only ever have been provided to the payment processor.

  • reid

    I’m just hoping he releases the GPS co-ordinates of Hulun’s numerous secret underground lairs scattered throughout the land, because I’ve been wanting to find those for ages.

  • pwebb


    But who cares what he’s said he has? Why is it important?

    Because at the start of this post he says “Mean while Stuff mis-represents my position.”

    If misrepresentation is so important then truth is also important and it seems very likely to me he has not been saying the truth. Hypocrite?