Labour Leaks – Part 1

This morning the David Fisher from the  Herald on Sunday has a small taste of what I will release in the coming week of documents about the Labour Party.

I decided to release one document early to the HoS because they followed up my teaser of yesterday.

A major security lapse within the Labour Party appears to have exposed top secret political information and personal financial details.

The information has fallen into the hands of Cameron Slater, who publishes the Whale Oil blog.

Slater said he had emails, financial details, party planning information and membership data.

“Nothing illegal was done to access the information. The information is freely available to anybody who knows where to look.”

I will progressively release the information over the coming weeks.

The first document though is minutes of a campaign planning meeting for Labour North. It shows financial details, plans to rort the system to benefit the Labour Party and the use of overseas professional political consultants.

Minutes LPN

[Note: There are highlights in the document, they are left unaltered and are from the original, they mean something only to the Labour Party and left there to show that I have the original as distributed]

It has long been suspected that Labour uses Parliamentary Services as its own cash cow. They were found to have illegally used Parliamentray Services funding to the tune of $840,000 in the 2005 election and were forced to pay it back. Last week I also caught them using parliamentary funding and resources for brochures. That was a taster of what was to come. Now I have documentary evidence that the Labour party wishes to use parliamentary services to benefit, not the constituents of their electorates, but instead just the Labour party.

Labour want to benefit themselves from Parliamentary Services

This excerpt shows clearly that Labour thinks parliamentary services exists for their benefit. It is hardly surprising when the minutes were written and distributed by parliamentary services staffers.

Labour MP Darien Fenton denied the party used Parliamentary Services to fund campaign or party business.

She said minutes of meetings were taken by volunteers and could contain errors.

However, she conceded that there had been pressure to use the Parliamentary staff member for party business.

“It has been an area of tension. It is an ongoing discussion with them about how we protect the role of the staff member and the MP.

“I’ve said they can’t use the office for a whole range of things. I’m really confident I’ve done nothing wrong.”

Fenton was concerned by the leak of information. “I have no idea how he would have got that information.”

Unfortunately for Darien Fenton she lied. she knows it too, because one of the attendees at the meeting and one of those in the circulation list is Gina Giordani, a parliamentary services worker in her electorate office, who uses, and continues to use a email to do Labour party business on.

I will be writing to Speaker Lockwood Smith and to the General Manager of parliamentary Services asking for a full inquiry of the use of parliamentary services staff and resources for the benefit of the Labour Party. I will in due course provide all my evidence of a systematic rorting of the Parliamentary Service by the Labour party, including the naming of names.


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  • scanner

    Watch the squeeling start now, and then watch Daffy go into “full bitch” mode as this starts to bite in.

  • The minutes themselves read like a chapter from a Len Deighton novel.,sad ,oh so sad.

    Who in their right mind would vote for a party to run a country who has to run a cash raffle to get a couple of quid in the kitty. Broken arses

    They are so fucking lazy and stupid that they hav’nt the brains to even set up their own email accounts.

    Lastly, doing private business on your employers computer is called “theft of time” and is as serious as lifting cash form the till.

  • Great stuff Cam, and your decision to complain to Lockwood Smith and the boss of Parliamentary Services is entirely the right one. The public needs to know about this BEFORE they go to the polls, otherwise it will be 2005 revisited.

  • buffalobob

    I hope you have a way of releasing it all if “they get to you”

  • buffalobob

    “the offer of rides to the polling booths” is this allowed?

    • peterwn

      Yes, this has been the case for many years. Helping gathering up special votes in rest homes etc is also OK AFAIK. The parties are providing an essential service to the elderly and infirm.

      • akldnut

        National has been doing this for a few years in Waitakere

        • Give me the details with proof and I will publish them

          • akldnut

            I have been doing the same for Labour and have run into the National party woman in the polling booths on the day and at the local Library doing special votes days before as well.

  • thor42

    Good stuff WO! ***THIEVING PINKO BASTARDS!***
    pauleastbay is right too – using the employer’s PC for personal stuff is “time theft”, and as we all know, time is money.
    I wonder how many thousands the follower’s of the Clark-beast and “rich prick” Cullen have stolen?
    Are you able to lodge any Official Information Act requests as well? Ones that can’t be “conveniently dodged”?
    I want to see this party of hypocritical, lying, thieving FRAUDSTERS ***nailed to the wall***.

  • royaloaks

    What a bunch of no hopers! God help us if this bunch ever got their hands on power again. Expose them for what they are Cam and show no mercy. Rotten to the core!

  • jabba

    I am surprised that they have been so careless, all things considered .. by that I mean they have had a disastrous couple of years. But without Clark and H2 to closedown scandal, they are lost soles and good job

  • thor42

    I wonder what that pinko-loving bitch mediatart has to say about this?
    No doubt her usual pathetic tu-quoque reply that “others do it too”.

    • titanuranus

      LOL, Thor u must be clairvoyant. √

  • mediatart

    Whats so different about Paula Bennett, while campaigning full time before the last election was ’employed’ by Murray McCullys electorate office, and paid by the taxpayer. She was a recruitement consultant, that would have meant she would have been a better match for a WINZ office if she suddenly found her vocation to work for the government. McCullys office was of course the closest to West Auckland where she now claims is ‘home’.

    These party memos Whale, did they come from the Te Atatu electorate committee to your tip line ?

    • And if that is true Tart then that stinks too. If you have documents to prove it I’ll publish them too.

      I never reveal my sources.

    • thecelestialgardener

      of course…. Chris Carter. He’s about to fly Premier Business to his new gig in the Big apple.

      Nothing like a nice fuckoff like a USB thumbdrive full of goodies…..

  • thecelestialgardener

    What Whaleoil is about to do to Labour brings to mind some graphic sexual imagery.

    Just not in a loving way.

    • cadwallader

      “Just not in a loving way.” Gardener: Do you mean in a Dazza (they were false allegations) Hughes way. Graphic!

      Good on you WO. This will warm me through the rest of the winter. I suspect that the antics you are now highlighting have been the norm for these devious pricks for years and years. Mind you, if the Nats are up to the same sort of thing, deal to them without lubrication too!

    • whalewatcher

      Mr Lee Wallace.. Pulp Fiction.

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  • spam

    I guess Labour’s further danger is that in their responses to this information, they don’t know what else is to come. Would be a shame if they lied or obfuscated about one piece of info, only to have that exposed by something released later.

  • lcmortensen

    Move aside Julian Assange, we now have WhaleLeaks!

  • stuartsburgers

    peterwn @10.33am Yes you are right I saw “Silent T ” on election day for the Botany By Election doing just this task.
    He was dressed in a heavily logoed Red Labour Party Jacket.
    This I know I saw him inside the Dawson Road Polling booth returning special/sick votes in the afore mentioned garment in what was to my eyes a breach of Electoral Law. The polling booth manger could only see the red colour when I pointed out to him and not the Labour Party Logos.
    This just showes how the Labour Party work on the ground and what Cam has here is further evidence.
    ( Hey Silent T if you are reading this I look like Tom Scott or so you thought )

    • thor42

      I’ll bet you’re spot-on with that, stuartsburgers.
      I’m pretty damned sure that on election day, there is supposed to be no party advertising or signage of any kind, anywhere. A jacket like the one you mentioned would definitely be cause for a complaint.
      Of course, what the Liarbore Party relies on is the thickness of their boofhead voters. Those voters ***wouldn’t even know*** that the ban on party signage on election day exists. Because of that, it would be piss-easy for the Labour scum (wearing their logo-strewn jackets) to quietly pop into the rest homes and give the oldies a lift to the polling booth. They know damned well that the oldies wouldn’t bust them.
      Heck – even if they DID, Labour would probably claim that said oldie was “gaga”. “Oh no, Mr returning officer – I was wearing a plain BROWN jacket on that day! This woman must be mistaken…..”

      • akldnut

        “I’m pretty damned sure that on elec­tion day, there is sup­posed to be no party adver­tis­ing or sig­nage of any kind, any­where.”

        I delivered the so called oldies to election booths over the last 2 elections and can tell you you the Nat person was wearing a rosette with National written on it.
        Also the Scrutineers were wearing large National labels.
        A steady stream of National party members were coming in wearing T shirts emblazoned with the Nat party logo signage, when queried they were adamant they were private individuals coming to vote and could wear what ever they liked.
        This shows how the National Party work on the ground

        Paula Bennett also delivered meals to every polling booth that day making a huge scene as she entered smiling and laughing, talking to voters.

        Don’t get better advertising than that – obviously a strategy designed to get extra exposure/advertising. Pretty underhanded as well I suggest.

        Pot Kettle Black? You tell me!

        • Rosettes are fine, all above board. Delivering of meals is allowed too…I thought you had something…that’s pathetic. I haven’t complained about anything like that and never would.

          • Ask Mike Williams about the KFC deliveries…

          • akldnut

            I was responding to stuartsburgers & thor42 complaints/aspersions not yours and as you so quickly pointed out above Whaleoil 3:43 pm they should provide proof or actual confirmation with some links as well.
            Either that or they’re just spinning the same old meme.

        • axeman

          Ahh yes ‘akldnut’. One of those sneering rabid socialist posters from The Stranded? Already at Level 4 of Key Derangement Syndrome. Any chance that what he writes is believable?

          • akldnut

            Not just any chance – every chance, if you were there there you’d believe.
            There’s no need to write shit unless it’s the truth.

        • stuartsburgers

          I would have thought that a Senior member of the Labour Party would fully understand the Rules on Election Day.
          Me I am just a tyre fitter but it would seem that i have a better understanding of Electoral Law than “Silent T”
          As WO says Rosettes are fine and I have seen them used since the late 70’s and have no problem with anybody wearing one.
          It was the complete misunderstanding of Electoral Law by a Senior Labour Party Member, who in his own minds sees himself as Prime Minister one day, that I commented on.

    • reid

      Suggest next time take a photo of him with your cellphone…

      • stuartsburgers

        Reid, I tried only to discover that I have a broke lens in my 3 year old LG Clam Phone.
        Where I live I am sure I will not see him again on E Day but maybe Plug Head should take this as a warning people are watching.

        • reid

          I’ll put out the standard code mauve alert stuart.

          As you know our agents are everywhere, if they’re out they’re, they’ll snap em.

          I’ve been putting them through specialist commando assault training as well, just in case the lefties get a bit uppity, or even if not…

  • adolffiinkensein

    Well done, Whale. Very well done indeed.

    There will be much more of interest here than in 24,000 pages of Sarah Palin’s e-mails.

    When Mallard reads it all he just might fall over and sprain his knee. Then you can do him in the bike ride as well. Be prepared for some very nasty and personal counter attacks.

    • Yes, I wonder what they will be?

      Love children? Mistresses? Swiss Bank accounts? ( I wish ;) or maybe his wife has been having an affair with a lesbian? If so I hope they at least pair me with a lipstick Lesbian rather than a big hairy one. I do have my reputation to consider after all :)

      • reid

        How about Jacinda? That would have all sorts of surprise elements… :)

        • cadwallader

          That wouldn’t be lesbianism, rather it would be bestiality.

  • Doug

    I hope the self appointed IT expert lprent has left the backdoor open this would be due reward for the way they close free speech on the Standard. A labour backdoor open seems to be things Labour are good at, plenty of practice of late.

    • reid

      Yes imagine the fetid stench which lurks behind the Liarbore Party’s back door.

      I bet it’s like an evil dark dungeon dank and with those holes in the wall full of spiders with spikes on trap doors and stuff like that.

      And Hulun sleeps there during the day.

      • cadwallader

        Reid:Very evocative indeed. Do you start at Wetta on Monday morning? You could have referred to the darkest corners where the crippled Mallard writhes in agony, Dazza Hughes holds out lollipops for young men, Cullen plays with trains and Full Moon interviews new flat-mates.

      • @ Reid; rust NEVER sleeps!

  • gaskranken

    Carter, definitely Carter…Goof-Ees only got two options now, bowing out due to ill health or the self destruct button.

    So Prissy Carter and the wee red stick got him in the end eh?

  • reid

    How come Red Alert hasn’t yet mentioned this tremendously damaging [I hope] issue when the Labour Party secretary alerted every single person in Liarbore some five hours ago?

    Isn’t that peculiar. You’d think they just didn’t want to talk about it wouldn’t ya.

    Go figure.

    I woulda thought an innocent of all charges Liarbore Party would be out there right now on all the news channels vigorously proclaiming their soon-to-be utterly proven innocent on all charges status but apparently that’s not what they’re planning on doing.

    How peculiar.

    • akldnut

      The Man With No Name perhaps?
      Red herrings to through off small thinkers maybe?

      Or they may have been snapped fair and square (albeit with a bit of subterfuge and questionable sources).

      Anyways they will be following the National party 25 step guide line on how to avoid and evade being held to account.
      25 Steps

      In case my link doesn’t work it’s here for you to read and enjoy:

      • Those will be the 25 Steps that The Jackalman plagiarised. Hilarious. He didn’t even write them and took great umbrage in the fact that I busted him over it.

        • akldnut

          Plagiarized they may be but that doesn’t make them any less relevant.

          I estimate at this stage they would be #9 moving into #12 & #15