Labour Leaks – Threatening a blogger

Labour has resorted to issuing lame, toothless threats.

Letter to Whaleoil 12Jun11

letter to whaleoil 12Jun11 by Labour party


THANK YOU for being a subscriber. Because of you Whaleoil is going from strength to strength. It is a little known fact that Whaleoil subscribers are better in bed, good looking and highly intelligent. Sometimes all at once! Please Click Here Now to subscribe to an ad-free Whaleoil.

  • The Otara Police are going to come a knocking this week! Don’t worry – they are a friendly bunch ;)

    • Yeah, great guys…I think they know who their new boss is though and so won;t spend too much time on it

    • They already know us. We assisted a local woman who chased a man who had attacked her daughter and also called them in when we found a little lost boy, still in his school uniform late at night on our regular walk.
      I’ll make them a coffee.

      • They must get so annoyed at having to deal with this kind of thing.

        I can’t imagine that many of them were thinking – oh yay i get to visit bloggers – on the day they graduated from Police College.

  • How kind of Chris to warn WO that the individuals who placed their trust and money in the Labour Party might be upset that their privacy has been compromised by their actions. Oh wait he mis typed, he wrote ‘ your ‘ actions, simple error. A bit like neglecting to secure private information on a publicly accessible website.

  • whafe

    Again this equates to a “Cluster Fuck”

  • thor42

    It is LABOUR who are liable for the poor security of their data storage.
    Put it this way….. you store some valuables in a bank vault, and the vault gets cleaned out by a clever robber.
    Who is responsible for the poor security? Who gets sued? The bank.
    ( Hope you’ll bear with me here, WO – not wanting to offend…. just an analogy and not wanting to cast aspersions…. )

    • My analogy is a reference to an incident that happened in the past. A member of the public found a box of documents in a dumpster outside WINZ or some other govt organization. They handed it to the press as they were concerned that such sensitive documents containing individuals private information was being dumped in this way instead of being shredded.

  • whafe

    Have to say the Labour peeps whom usually are Tweeting up a storm have been very quiet today, yes am taking into account it is Sunday, but past history shows it doesn’t slow up on a Sunday…. Thinking they must be all on their cell phones trying to hatch a plan (trying to back up the Hemi)

    • thor42

      Labour people own cellphones? Oh dear…. how very “capitalist” of them……

  • spam

    SQL isn’t a format. Its a language.

    • thor42

      Yep, indeed it is.
      0 rows returned

    • abjv

      I tried it too. Got a similar result.

      0 rows returned

      0 rows returned


  • gaskranken

    Like the famous line from Goodbye Pork Pie, `someone’s getting paranoid’.

    Major freak out time at Labour IT HQ.

    Streisand effect anyone?

    • thor42

      Yep, definitely the Streisand Effect.
      Also the Reverse Midas Effect – everything Labour touches turns to shit……

  • thor42

    I know what the most incriminating document is.
    It’s a photo of *****PHIL GOOF IN A MANKINI……..***** ;)

    • abjv

      draped over a swiss ball

  • Doc

    Why do I get the feeling that Chris Flatt had a tightly clenched sphincter when he penned that letter???

  • kehua

    Doc, cos Hughes was standing behind him.

    • devlsadvocate

      Funny that, I always thought ‘clenched’ implied ‘closed’…

  • adolffiinkensein

    Broken arsed pricks can’t even afford a lawyer.

    If they had anything of substance to say it would have been said by Chapman Tripp or some such.

    They shoulda just shuddup.

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  • whalewatcher

    I like the last bit where he states you are breaking the Privacy Act, as if he is the judge and it is a cast iron fact – actually it is his opinion that you are breaching the Act, and his grovelling hope that you wont publish…

    7am here, 2 hours to go…

  • granny

    No self respecting lawyer would write this BS.

    On any reading, Whale is not “an agency” who could have breached a privacy principle (Agency (b)(xiii) “news medium” is exempt), so there are no grounds for the Privacy Act to be involved.

    As to the Labour Party, that’s a different matter.

    I suppose someone could take a tort action for breach of privacy, but you’d have to ask Mr Price or Ms Cheer about that.

    • lcmortensen

      The definition of “news medium” is debatable.

    • abjv

      You can’t be done for repeating stuff that was already in the public domain (newspapers do that all the time). Leaving files hanging around in an unsecured web site looks pretty much public domain to me. Labour could of course get very irate – there’s probably some privacy thing strained here and people have got injunctions to block publication of ‘stolen’ private stuff in the past. Labour would eventually have to demonstrate ‘stolen’ to at least the balance of probabilities. That won’t be easy as they’ve left the stuff casually discarded and there for all to find.

      I recall Owen Glenn describing Winston as a fuckwit on National Radio last election when Owen’s donation became public and Winston tried to cover up (first time I’ve heard the F-word used there – ‘You can’t say that, this is National Radio’ with response ‘I can, I did, because he is’). Wonder what the labour donors think of the present situation?

      Obama got the nomination because of a large number of small donations obtained this way. Guess Labour’s US minders didn’t figure on NZ being different, or have come to realise that Goff isn’t an Obama and he’s worth about as much as a chook raffle in a pub. The chook. Also that they’re dealing with a pack of morons who can’t even secure their donor list.

      Labour has to be aware of the Streisand effect. If Labour can leave it unsecured, so can Cam. Hope Cam has a good ISP, as the site will catch a lot of traffic just after 2pm.

  • alex Masterley

    Labour can’t afford Chapman Tripp. Mind you very few can.

  • alex Masterley

    Idle thought.
    Given that the sort of people who inhabit the Labour party are same as the nutters who bombard the privacy commissioner with complaints, be prepared for a barrage of specious complaints.
    Get yourself a standard letter to use to respond to such. The letter responding should also point out the failure of the Labour party to protect that information as well.

  • PSA website crashes.
    NZEI survey skewed.
    Labour party website coughs up confidential data.

    Anyone think the Left have any competence in this social media/internet stuff?