Labour's creepy illegal adverts

ACT on Campus have published one of Labour’s student brochures. It is seriously creepy, not to mention illegal. This is yet more evidence that Labour thinks electoral advertising rules don’t apply to them.

Just look at how tiny they’ve made the Parliamentary Crest. And if you look closely, you’ll see that the full crest isn’t even there! That isn’t a problem with my scanner, it’s the same on the¬†original. It’s printed so small that only the inside “NZ HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES” text is present. No outline and no crown on the top.

There is also no authorisation statement and the Parliamentary Crest isn’t the same size as as the Labour log as required by Parliamentary Services rules. Labour should be made to withdraw and repay these brochures and they should be prosecuted for again breaching the Electoral Commissions rules regarding promoter/authoriser statements.

Labour's creepy student brochure

front view

Labour's creepy student brochure

back view



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  • adolffiinkensein

    Worse still, they carry the name a address of a non member of parliament. Some fellow called Hewes of whom most uni students would be very wary.

  • royaloaks

    This has all the foot prints of Herr Helen still in the loop. Social engineering Liarbour style.

  • adolffiinkensein


    Hewes should be Hughes

  • deviant

    Nation’s Pride….Nazi propaganda short from Inglourious Basterds.

  • rouppe

    Are you intending to make a complaint to the Electoral Commission Whale…?

    You have the evidence in your possession… “Labour should have to…” isn’t going to achieve anything.

    As an aside, that poster is very Aryan isn’t it? Not very multiculturally representative…

  • funkdup

    I previously asked the Electoral Commission about the authorisation statement that appeared to be missing on the Stop Asset Sales signs. Reply was as follows:

    Dear …

    Further to my email of dd April 2011 I can confirm that the Electoral Commission has considered whether or not there has been a breach of section 204F of the Electoral Act 1993 with the publication of the ‘Stop Asset Sales vote Labour’ signs and the visibility of the promoter statements.

    The Electoral Commission is satisfied that there was a promoter statement on the signs but there was a fault in the printing process which resulted in the text of the promoter statement on some of the signs being difficult to read. When the fault was realised the Labour Party took action to ensure that the problem does not recur by ensuring that the promoter statement appears in substantially larger lettering.

    In light of the above the Commission will not be taking any further action against the Labour Party in this matter.

    Yours sincerely

    So it seems the lamest of excuses will suffice to allow non-compliance to be ignored.

    • hagues

      Ahh yes someone else’s fault… again. Never Labour’s fault is it? Its just such a shame that it always happens to them, they are just unlucky I guess.

  • funkdup

    Mind you, I would encourage as many people as possible to register complaints and hold them to account. The email address I sent original complaint to was:
    [email protected]

  • tristanb

    Darren Hughes – still handing out his phone number to uni students.