Labour's great closing down sale

A couple of interesting documents have come via the tipline.

It seems that Labour has a Century Fund for fundraising and good loyal Labourites can donate to it with an automatic payment.

On the 22/7/2009 they created this AP Form for donating to the Century Fund. It has the old logo and grey suit and tie wearing Phil Goff

Then on 27/01/2001 they created a new AP Form and modified it on 07/04/2011. This form has dyed hair and casual, hands in pockets Phil Goff and the new logo.

But something else is interesting. It seems that Labour may well be having a 50% off sale, or perhaps it is a closing down sale. Beacuse the minimum donation has slipped in the space of a two years from “as little as 33 cents a day” to help in their “campaign for job creation, fair wages, family support and a secure retirement” to a new bargain basement price of “as little as 17 cents a day“.

Obviously Labour party stalwarts are so broken arsed that they can’t afford even 33 cents a day to their beloved party. No wonder they have the begging bowl out from other sources. More to come on that in later posts.

Labour Closing Down Sale


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