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Just got sent a link to this Trademe advert for a flatmate:

3 bedroom house with 1 bathroom.

Solo mother with one child requires a flatmate but will consider up to 10 people if you all want to share a room. Actually i would probably even rent you the whole blimn house if you choose.

The room for rent is a lovely sunny double room with its own private deck

Reason for Advertising:
I cannot afford to run my household effectively anymore since the IRD accessed that the father of said child need only pay $15.85 per month in child support, after he decided to retire the other week at aged 46 … which naturally gives him more time to finish his tennis court, do a few bits of major earthworks here and there on his rural properties, oh and increase the performance of his racing truck.

I have my own company (did i mention i have to pay him still?), and have foolishly not chosen to sit around on the DPB so a professional of like mind would probably suit.

Please ask me all the questions you need

Pets negotiable, no smokers.

I do like the use of Trademe to send the message to the sperm donor that he is an arse. There is a real problem with Deadbeat Dads in this country. I am coming around to the conclusion that Sheriff Joe has it right on the issue of dead beat parents.


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  • whafe

    No doubt this dad is a deadbeat, who is shirking on his responsibilities, which sucks. Never fear though, in the end his children will think he is a fuckwit.

    On the flip side there are some deadbeat mums out there too..

    The whole child support system is in a state of fucked upness…. Peter Dunn Nuthin continues to do nuthin

  • stevewrathall

    So, what’s his side of the story?

  • thor42

    Sheriff Joe for P.M.! Gawd, what a cleanup he would do –
    * Bludging for Families – axed
    * A few dozen useless government departments – axed
    * The DPB – axed
    * The dole – time-limited and only available to those over 20.
    That’s be just the start…… :)

  • “Becauseican” has added the following comment:

    **Whale i like your style – But are you laughing at me or with me? Right now i am just trying to get ahead – I have surfed bigger waves than you!!!! and i think you should stick to your own domain and bugger off ***

    • Yeah some people take my interest the wrong way. For the record I am for the bashing of dead beat parents and this sounds like a case of a some sperm donor structuring his affairs in such a way as to not contribute anything to his child’s upkeep.

      Furthermore he is probably not interested in the child other than as a means to yank the chain of his ex. I bet the story in full is a real eye-opener.

  • rouppe

    First: Yes there are deadbeat parents.

    Second: I have no opinion about BecauĀ­seĀ­ican’s situation. I only have one side of the story.

    However this item from the UK is interesting. Erin Pizzey, founder of domestic violence charity Refuge:

    “There are a lot of reasons why [fathers are] not with their children… not least that women won’t let them,” she said.

    Ms Pizzey said it was wrong to single out men, adding: “There is a vast mass of women who are equally as feckless as the men and we never talk about them.”

  • Mr Blobby

    For every dead beat Dad there is a dead beat Mum.