Leading with his chin

Darren Hughes should have just STFU, but no he couldn’t do it. He had to come out as declare to all the world that he had survived false allegations. Tracy Watkins takes this apart:

Police appear to have rejected claims by former MP Darren Hughes that he was the victim of a false complaint after they decided not to charge him over an incident involving an 18-year-old student.

An advocate for male sex abuse victims said yesterday that he was worried the outcome would deter other young men and women from coming forward if they believed they had been sexually assaulted.

After a long-running inquiry, police said this week that they had decided not to charge Mr Hughes because the allegations against him did not reach “the evidential threshold required to bring charges”.

In a statement issued after the police decision, Mr Hughes said he had been falsely accused of a serious crime he did not commit.

But asked yesterday about Mr Hughes’ statement, police responded that they had no concerns about the validity of the complaint against him. They would not comment further.

Talking about leading with his chin. The Police have said basically that they believe the complainant had a genuine complaint but that there simply wasn’t enough evidence to pursue a prosecution or to even lay charges. That is a long, long way from vindication, false accusations or exoneration, but then again when diod that stop a Labour politician spinning like a Fisher and Paykel.

Phil Goff still has a great many questions to answer for his role in all of this. Why he chose to keep everything secret fro three weeks, why he tried to keep it secret for even longer, why he said Darren had done nothing wrong, then gave him the arse but with a rider on record that he could come back if the Police didn’t charge him.

The last question of course is which labour MP high enough up the list will come off the list so Darren can return to parliament after the election?

Derek Cheng at the Herald runs Hughes’ spin ad mauseum repeating constantly throughout his article that “he has been cleared of sex charges“, also quoting Bryce Edwards who is usually more circumspect to jump to such conclusions. Hughes has not be cleared of anything, he simply hasn’t been charged.



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  • tooright

    Cam – this is the critical matter in all of this. Hughes has not been charged, period. He was not exonerated. For that the case should go to court and be tested. In that respect Hughes has been done no favours by the Police declining to press charges.

    The Police have now reset the agenda and rightly so. They are effectively advocating for the victim.

    As I commented here on the initial report the Police were not pressing charges, there is still a victim out there and it is not Hughes. Something happened and a complaint was laid. Labour in their spin have no concern at all for the young person who was tangled up in this event at Annette King’s house and their silence on victim rights is deafening. They and the other “social justice” crusaders in the House who have been voluable in their praise for Hughes, who they say is an “outstanding talent” should hold their heads in shame. Until we know what happened Hughes should STFU as he is damaged and he is showing no compassion for the victim. Some talent . Pffft.

  • gazzaw

    Maybe the victim could be funded by interested parties to take out a private prosecution. Would any lawyers care to comment?

    • mediatart

      Gazza, you have your stupid hat on.
      The police statement is code for : the complainant was so pissed and there are no other witnesses apart from Hughes.
      Thats what all the delay was about , hoping a sober person turns up who saw something ….anything.

      • gazzaw

        Semantics again tart.

  • phronesis

    Sounds to me like the police would be happy to take this further but can’t because the complainant won’t testify. Given the circumstances the complainant may well just want to get on with their lives and not be forever labelled as “that guy”.

  • arnold

    Hughes is an innocent as David Bain is…..

    I agree, the poor kid must feel like Shite and just wants to get it all out of the way, and the police have done Hughes no favours, Anette King should be thrown out of parliament as well…

  • mediatart

    Come on. The police are only saving all the juicy details so they can leak them a fortnight before the election. Collins will make sure of that. Watch for some sort softning of her budget axe on the police force to return the favour.
    The cops know how to play dirty politics just like the rest of them.

  • br10

    Here’s what happened:

    Hughes plied an 18 year old boy with booze at Annette king’s house
    rendering him comatose. He then removed all the boy’s clothing and
    sodomized, or attempted to sodomize him.

    The boy woke up, turned around, looked in horror at what was behind
    him, and in a blind panic ran out into the street naked where he was
    picked up by a police patrol car.

    Since an alternative explanation from Hughes has not been forthcoming, it is reasonable to assume that the above is very close to the truth.


    • mediatart

      Heard of CSI ? There would evidence of such a thing.
      My take it was the other way round.

      Even Carter said it was news he was gay…. in labour …. in 2011. hello?

      keepingit all a secret is what national MPs like that dyke from Christchurch do. Even way back to Sir Roy Jack ,National has been the party of the closet, even Waring played it that way.

  • davidw

    Brave call Tart. Got a five hundy to put on it?

  • whalewatcher

    I don’t believe the police would have taken so long to come to this decision if there wasn’t some substance to the allegations against Hughes (and A King, by association). The long time lag to ‘insufficient evidence to bring charges’ speaks volumes, and effectively condemns Hughes. It certainly does not equal ‘exoneration’ and ‘false allegations’ as the horrible perve would have us think.

    the subsequent ‘police responded that they had no con­cerns about the valid­ity of the com­plaint against him’ hangs Hughes out to dry.

  • whalewatcher

    PS – Annette King has been implicated before in ‘conduct unbecoming an MP’ in her close association to her husband Ray Lind’s involvement in the sacking of the Hawkes Bay DHB by ‘silent T’ Cuncliffe.

    So she’s no innocent.
    Questions need asking under privilege