Len! Watch out for the Taniwha bro

Len Brown’s dream (nightmare) of a rail loop paid for by other people has hit a rather nasty snag.

Apparently it can’t be built without upsetting a mythical beast.

Auckland’s dream train project, the $2.6 billion city loop, might have another problem to face – Horotiu the taniwha.

While the government says the project is un-economic, Mayor Len Brown has staked his political future on a tunnel under the central city linking Britomart station to Mt Eden.

But, says Maori Statutory Board member Glenn Wilcox, no one has asked the local Ngati Whatua about it at all.

And they are supposed to as the iwi was here first, he said.

“What’s being done about the taniwha Horotiu who lives just outside here, and that tunnel will be going right through his rohe (area),” Wilcox told the Auckland City Council’s transport committee.

He said today he is surprised that the council officials did not have answers, because they were not considering the Maori in planning the city.

Well I reckon Len Brown should just set a bag limit on taniwha and open the season to run indefinitely. He won’t of course and this taniwha will be appeased in the usual way…great big huge gobs of other peoples money being poured into the coffers of the taniwha’s keepers.

I wonder how the green tossers that want to foist a rail loop on us feel now? Especially about disturbing the pristine natural environment of a taniwha in order to build a train track.



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  • royaloaks

    What a joke this country has become. Lets all guess what the Iwi will want for the right to disturb the great one, Horotiu. I will kick of with $2,000,000. Lets also lets let Len Brown sink or swim on this one. He sure knows how to pick his mates. So funny!

  • alex Masterley

    I hear Horotiu has moved south to the waikato area, just north of Hamilton to be precise!

  • simo

    The shortfall between 3.5 million and the 1.4m that the MSB actually got has now risen through the mud and steam to manifest itself as a hand in the pocket of Auckland rate payers. We are now the official laughing stock of the South Pacific. I’m sure these Taiwanese Highlanders think they are going to get lucky, but poor old Len will have to kiss Steven Joyce’s arse to rescue his!!

  • royaloaks

    Be jezzus the old bugger Horotiu gets around. Last I heard of him was at Ohinewhai by the expressway a few years ago. Transit gave him a big feed of taxpayer cash and he moved on looking for another feed. Lots of road works north and west of Hamilton so I guess he sniffs a feed there. Guess that will sustain him before he goes north to see Len Brown and his merry bunch of fruit loops.

    • cadwallader

      Do you think he has found his way to central Christchurch? Would Pie-Shop gobble him up?

  • mark72

    These taniwhas are easy to sort out. A single shot from your Beretta AL391 Urika Classic should deal with the prick.

    • You are soooooo wrong Mark. You cannot kill imaginary animals with real guns. You need one of these babies http://bit.ly/mhBelB to do the job properly.
      I have two of them in perfect working condition and will do the job for Len for only $30,000

  • james

    As that land at the bottom of Queen St is all reclaimed from the sea by te honkie one wonders where old Horotui was when that happened…..

  • johnqpublic

    Does Horotiu only feast upon tarmac, or is it just a coincidence he happens to live only around narrow transport corridors and not anyway else under/on/in this great isthmus? Is he like a homeless person? Will he bludge fags and change from you if he saw you?

  • maninblack

    Why does only cash move Horotiu? IF he was a moralistic Taniwhu, no cash would move him or he would move for the benefit of the current Tāngata whenua.

  • thor42

    Does 1080 work as well on taniwha as it does on possums?

    • steve

      Only if you put 1080 in traps that also have Lion Red and Waikato as bait

  • dion

    What a joke. I wonder how big a bribe will be required to shift the bastard?

  • cadwallader

    Don’t you just love it when PC fuckers get fucked over by other PC fuckers!

  • andyscrase

    “Progress stopped by mythical beast”

    Man-made climate change?