More proof Farrar has gone soft

An astute reader has pointed out a stark difference between the David Farrar that once lumbered across the earth to the one that currently is rolling through the UK.

Two days ago he told us about his imaginary friend and about his rental car, a gay Prius.

Three years ago, almost to the day, he wrote a similar piece about his first day in London and the rental car he had back then.

Then: A Mercedes C180

Now: A gay Prius

Back then he was on a boys trip, now he is travelling with his imaginary friend, who allegedly votes Greens.

We need photos to see what has addled his brains so much. My readers don’t believe David P. Farrar. We want photographic evidence.


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  • michaels

    And googling orgasm’s.

    • I know I Know! we all know that there is no substitute for field research in this area. practice, practice practice and practice some more. If Wo ever brought a print out from a Google search to bed I would hit him over the head with it. Just imagine. part A goes to part B, oh wait, I have the diagram upside down!

  • jman

    A Merc C180 is a bit of a poofter car as well. Driven by people who want to show off that they are driving a Mercedes Benz but can’t handle a bit more size or power.

  • mediatart

    Back then Farrar knew what a clitoris is , nowdays he has to google it.

    Long time mates wedding, yes his mates from way back were straight, nowdays they are all …friends of Dorothy