NZPF and Perry Rush

Yesterday I revealed that school principals are milking the taxpayer of $6 million a year to implement literacy and numeracy programmes – on top of very nice salaries, thank you very much.

So that’s an extra $2000 a year each in their pocket – while one in five kids can’t read, write or do maths.

Some of these troughers then have the audicity to say they are going to protest at MoE offices tomorrow against National Standards.

So will they hand back their $2000 perk at the same time?

These people are hiding behind school boards – but the truth is, as repeatedly disclosed by me, that this is a front for union anti-government action and law-breaking.

Principals are safe in the knowledge that any attempt at not doing as they are told is going to result in boards getting the sack. Meanwhile the principals will continue to cream it.

First to hand back thousands of dollars, which I think should be back-dated, should be long-term agitator Perry Rush, principal of Island Bay School and NZEI/NZPF activist, who is one of the ringleaders. I’ve outed him many times.

Rush was also among a number of NZEI/NZPF activists plotting to take over the School Trustees Assocation.

Now I can reveal Rush is flying around the country with his NZEI chums spreading the anti-government message. And thanks to the sensible principal who pointed this out via the tipline.

Perry Rush on the speaking circuit?

This bullshit is nothing more than leftie job protection. They’re scared that the principals who can’t perform will be found out. And when kids leave school and can’t read and write – tough – give me my $2000.

What principals fear most is the Education Review Office. So I thought I’d do a bit of digging on their website. And what a pleasant surprise. It seems the President of NZPF, and one of the biggest public haters of National Standards, Peter Simpson, has quietly implemented them so well in his school that ERO gave them a glowing review.

“Teachers have set targets to raise achievement levels in this area. At the time of this review, students were making good progress towards meeting these targets. The school is well placed to report student progress and achievement against National Standards by the end of the year.”


“Reports to students and parents clearly explain progress and achievement against national expectations in reading, writing and mathematics and how the parent and child can contribute to future improvements. The school is well placed to report this information to parents using national standards by the end of the year. “

So well done Peter.

This shows what a farce this protest is. It has nothing to do with kids. It’s all about union dinosaurs who’ve gotten used to nine years of a Labour Government which was too scared to hold them to account.

Party’s over, Perry. Pay back the $2000.


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  • peterwn

    The School Principal employment situation is in direct contrast to that of the ordinary corporate CEO. In the latter case if there is a bust up between the Board and the CEO, the CEO walks. In the former case if there is a bust up between the Board and the Principal the Board is sacked by the Minister on the advice of a ‘C’ rated department.

    All the more reason that employees earning >$100k per year should be excluded from the Employment Relations Act.

    • abjv

      if there is a bust up between the Board and the CEO, the CEO walks

      Not necessaily. Sometimes he has to be pushed very hard. Just look at Mr Tampon.

  • thor42

    It is time for Tolley to ***front up*** and bust the teacher unions once and for all.
    I can remember very well when the watersiders had their cosy little number busted back in the mid 1980s. Geez, did that ever cut the cost of cargo-handling on the wharves!
    Now it’s time for the teachers and principals to be held accountable for the PATHETIC state of the education of children in this country.

    • abjv

      Actually, according to a recent international study, we’re not doing too bad, particularly with kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. Apparently all they need generally is quality teachers and a standards-based approach to measuring educational achievement; something that will identify the strugglers in a consistent way between schools so more resources can be applied to them. Wonder what the union’s problem with this is?