Oh what a surprise

Hone Harawira’s left wing bandwagon got rolling at the weekend and there is no surprise that they are going after Labour’s voters.

The Mana Party is threatening to take votes off both theMaori Party and Labour at the general election later this year.

Buoyed by Hone Harawira’s success in the Tai Tokerau by-election over the weekend, the Mana Party held its founding conference in a school near Whangarei yesterday.

They discussed core policy issues including the cost of living, employment, education and not putting a deadline on Treaty settlements.

Mana was not solely concerned with the Maori vote, it was also going after the young and the poor, Labour’s traditional strong-hold.

“The issues are pretty simple; people in the land of milk and honey are starving. Somebody’s got to change that. It’s not going to be National and it sure don’t look like it’s going to be Labour,” Harawira said.

This makes it cartain now that a vote for Phil Goff is a vote for Hone Harawira plus whatever assorted motley losers he can drag in with him under MMP. Just like ACT is mocked for rorting the MMP system so too can we add the Mana party to the groups to mock for rorting MMP.

Labour leader Phil Goff said his party’s candidate had done well to narrow Harawira’s majority to 867 and would be campaigning hard in Tai Tokerau in November.

“Kelvin was able to take a Maori seat with one of the largest majorities, and make it a marginal Maori seat we can win at the next election. That is an amazing achievement.”

What is amazing is that Phil Goff can’t get his facts straight when he had 5 weeks to get spin lined up for losing. Te Tai Tokerau was the 4th largest majority int he Maori seats. If you can’t run a website or get basic facts right then you can’t run a country.

Labour’s already thin vote is going to get thinner. The only wonder now is when it wills tart showing in the polls.



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  • cadwallader

    I haven’t seen Goof for awhile. Is he still doing that silly walk or has he joined the “slut-walk?” I’ll wager that Goof will trundle back to Hone for a possible deal on 27th November.

  • rouppe

    Is the fact that we now have two maori-focused political parties in Parliament not evidence that the race-based Maori seats are no longer warranted?

    And in fact is Hone not abusing the existence of those seats insofar that he is using Tai Tokerau to ensure a presence in Parliament while going after non Maori-seat votes…?

    It seriously is time to be ending Maori seats. They are no longer needed to ensure representation.

  • reid

    The issues are pretty sim­ple; peo­ple in the land of milk and honey are starv­ing.

    Fuck Hone’s thick. It would be OK if he said it but didn’t believe it, but he does believe it and that’s why he’s thick.

    He’s so wrapped up in his socialist world-view he can’t see the world isn’t actually like the way he thinks it is. Together with “intellectuals” like Jackson, Bradford, Sykes etc can you imagine what the conversations centre on? It’d be like the mad-hatter’s tea parties.

    Shame really for they collectively have formidable talent. It’s just their strategic direction is sort of like those rocket tests in the fifties when the missile gets wobbly and then completely crazy just fizzing off all over the place…

  • You may not like the result Cam (I don’t), but fair is fair. For years we tell the Maori that they don’t deserve ‘special seats’ because they should work within the system. Now that Hone is using the system and we don’t like him and the results, we get all uppity about it?

    Accept it and move on.

    The more oxygen it gets the more it gets to live. The media will be all over it and will breathlessly report every radical uttering the man makes.

    We’ll all wish Peters was back soon. Mark my words. (No we won’t, but you get the point, don’t you?)

    • reid

      Personally I’m quite looking forward to seeing it all play itself out over the coming few months. It’s quite exciting trying to guess what’s going to happen next.

  • abjv

    If Labour’s support base starts to fragment under this attack from the left, I wonder if the Greens will resume their “if you are tired of Phil vote for us” line.

  • thor42

    Definitely right WO – “vote for Goof and get Hone for free.” Sue Bradford too – the only “woman” who can rival the Clark-beast for ugliness.

  • br10

    “For years we tell the Maori that they don’t deserve ‘spe­cial seats’ because they should work within the sys­tem. Now that Hone is using the sys­tem and we don’t like him and the results, we get all uppity about it?”

    Because Honny would be incapable of getting into parliament without the RACIST Maori seats. Maori seats are nonsense. They should be abolished at once.


  • Mr Blobby

    What a sad surprise stupid maori voting for a politically erelivant stupid racist candidate.
    Stupid is as stupid does.