On Phil Goff

Political scientist Clare Robinson has a devastating analysis of Phil Goff in her comments about the Hughes affair:

Professor Robinson said if the Labour leadership had stood down Mr Hughes immediately after learning of the police investigation, he could have made an immediate comeback after being cleared.

Instead the party leadership kept it quiet for almost three weeks, sending Mr Hughes on leave only after the allegations became public. The next day Mr Hughes was stood down from his portfolios, and a day later he had resigned.

[But] it didn’t really change the amount of disrespect people already had for [party leader] Phil Goff. It didn’t really go up or down because it was already so low,” Professor Robinson said

That comment is devastating on the absentee Labour leader.

The person I feel sorry for the most is the political cripple who has been left as the spokesman with Goff having a holiday in the middle of election year and Annette King maintaining her silence over what happened at her house.


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  • pwebb

    Goff having a holiday in the middle of election year

    Keep spinning Whale. Goff is at his son’s wedding overseas. Do you think he should not?

    • Just shows even his son thinks he can’t win, scheduling a wedding in election year.

      • pwebb

        You are a pillock Whale. If it was your kid you would be at the wedding. Are you saying that children of politicians should make sure they are not wedded in election year?

        What a load of toss. Pathetic. Concentrate on some real issues.

  • cadwallader

    Thus is all very well,but the Professor obviously knows little about jurisprudence. Hughes has NOT BEEN CLEARED! He may think he can blithely assert that the complaint against him was false (thereby defaming a young man) but it hasn’t been shown to be false! Has it?
    As far as Goof is concerned, he is/was rooted anyway despite Hughes’ and Full-Moon’s strange life together.

  • royaloaks

    Maybe its a shotgun wedding that had to be acted upon immediately so Goofy may have had no say in the matter.

    • pwebb

      Gawd are you for real?

  • mediatart

    So Goff is the gun for his delaying and secrecy ?
    “he] would not disclose any details, saying that to do so could “contaminate” the police investigation. …

    “I think I acted as fast as I could,” he said. “People are entitled to a degree of natural justice … It took some time to get all the information that was required.”

    But of course those words are not Goffs, but Key
    Yes Key waited for a few weeks before announcing Worth was going on ‘leave’, but wouldnt say why!

    • Go on copy exactly from The Standard…use it unattributed why don’t you.

      • mediatart

        I attributed the quotes to Key. I dont have a ‘tipline’ to help me out

        • Yeah sure…it is a cut and paste straight from the Standard. You are better than that Tart.

  • liberty

    Parliament has just had two weeks recess. For the annual
    Junket trips. Comrade Lock went off to his utopian home.
    Carter went chasing rainbows in New York.
    Lockwood and his minions. I believe toured South America.
    The wedding could have been timed to fit in.
    May be Goff is job hunting in New York.