Papping the Pap

via the tipline

Simon Runting is a paparazzi photographer, he is top of his game. Runting was responsible for the NZ privacy tort Hosking vs Runting.

Until now there has never been a photo taken of Simon Runting, but look at what we have here, NZ’s worst muck raker and NZ’s top paparazzi photographer together in the same shot at the Canon Media Awards. Unsurprisingly neither got an award.

Simon Runting and Pork Chop

And here is a second photo of Simon Runting and Pork Chop’s pet Scottish dwarf Norrie Montgomery.

simon runting and norrie montgomery


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  • reid


    That’s a rather unfortunate name, isn’t it.

    How come he doesn’t seem to like his own medicine.

    Perhaps we should camp out opposite his place and take photos as he leaves his driveway.

    It’s legal, isn’t it?

  • titanuranus

    Holy shit,break out the harpoon,call Greenpeace we got a stranding.

  • cadwallader

    I once heard someone refer to Runting as a bloated, fiddling, twonk. Now I have seen him, this seems to be accurate…

  • mediatart

    God , she is huge. Is that a pimple on her forehead beside her ?

  • royaloaks

    In both pictures, both parties seem well suited together. Perfect couples I would say.

  • thor42

    I’d “go in” but I think I’d need caving gear…..

  • scanner

    I didn’t realise he was bi, he seems to be rooting both the fat chick and the dwarf.
    Nice photo of Pork Chop looks like shes got more chins than a chinese phone book.

  • kram

    For gods sake I live in the boonies. Who is the fat chick?

  • whalewatcher

    Is he Runting the Mother Lode?

    kram, I believe she is a 2-bit gossip columnist (or is she 4 or 5 bit?) called Rachel Glucina, nick-named Pork chop by Whale, I think. She is not so much the chop as the whole pig.
    Being a gossip columnist, she deserves no mercy.

  • whalewatcher

    …as for ‘papping the pap’, is he going in to do the pap smear?