Phil Goff's continuing record on asset sales

Phil Goff continues to grandstand on asset sales. He says he is protecting assets from the rapacious evil overseas investor. But what is his record on asset sales?

Well, we have already seen that he is the Sale-master General when it comes to asset sales compared with John Key.

It would also appear, from Hansard, far be it for me to argue with Hansard, that Phil Goff voted against a bill that would have “guaranteed the ownership of assets strategically important to New Zealand


“Hon. WARREN COOPER (Otago): I rise in support of the initiative of the member for Marlborough in introducing a Bill that will guarantee that the ownership of assets strategically important to New Zealand is preserved.”


The House divided on the question, That leave be given to introduce the Petroleum Corporation of New Zealand Limited (Retention of New Zealand Ownership and Control) Bill.

Ayes 26 Anderson; Birch; Burdon; Cooper; East; Gerard; Graham; Kidd; Kyd; Lee; Luxton; McClay; McCully; McLean; Maxwell, R. F. H.; Meurant; Munro; O’Regan; Peters; Shipley; Storey; Upton; Wellington; Williamson.

Tellers: Gray; McTigue.

Noes 38 Anderton; Bassett; Boorman; Braybrooke; Butcher; Caygill; Clark; Cullen; Dillon; Douglas; Elder; Fraser; Goff; Hunt; Jeffries; Kelly; Matthewson; Moore; Moyle; Neilson; Northey; Robertson; Rodger; Scott; Shields; Simpson; Sutherland; Sutton,J.R.; Sutton,W.D.; Tapsell; Tennet; Terris; Tirikatene-Sullivan; Wetere; Woollaston; Young,T.J.

Tellers: Austin; Mallard.


For: Angus; Bolger; Falloon; Gair; Grant; McKinnon; Marshall, D. W. A.; Muldoon; Richardson; Young, V.S.

Against: Gerbic; King; Kirk; Lange; Marshall, C. R.; Maxwell, R. F.; Palmer; Prebble; Robinson; Wilde.

Majority against: 12

Motion negatived.

Oh dear me, Phil Goff didn’t want to preserve state assets back in 1988, neither did Jim Anderton, or Ross Robertson, or it appears Trevor Mallard. Can we really believe them now when they say what they say about asset sales.


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  • adolffiinkensein

    i want to know whether, if re-elected, Phil Goff will legislate to force New Zealanders who own shares in foreign companies to divest themselves of those share holdings. After all if it is sinful to have dirty filthy evil foreigners owning minority shares in NZ companies then surely it must be equally sinful for dirty filthy evil Kiwis to own shares in Chinese, Korean, French, US, British companies?

    You mean he’s NOT going to insist on fair play? Is it really just all piss and wind?

  • mediatart

    Whale you should tell whowever is feeding you this stuff on the tip line:

    Go the Fuck to Sleep !

    You could go back a little further and find the National party opposed bringing in GST, yet they increased after saying they wouldnt.
    Against any GST , against increasing GST and that was tossed aside in only 2 years
    What does it all prove?

    • There’s one difference Tart; the leadership of the National Party of days gone by is long gone, whereas Cabinet Minsiters from 1984-1990 now lead the Labour Party 21 years on.

      • gazzaw

        I see on tonights news that another tired old socialist ‘rich prick’, one Jim Anderton wants to fund dental treatment by slapping a tax on fizzy drinks. Does he really think that will be any more effective than his tax on the pensioners’ sherry?

        • reid

          I actually think that’s quite a good idea.

      • titanuranus

        Yeah ,stop it Whale , Mediaslapper can`t handle the facts .
        Typical Labour fucktard only wants to believe what they want to believe.

    • You seem to be getting a bit shrill tart…did you not think that Google would reveal the duplicity of Phil Goff?

  • Annette King’s name is recorded amongst the Noes as well; another who wants to re-write history.

  • royaloaks

    Typical Liarbour, run with the hounds, hunt with the hares. Anything to get power and baubles.

  • thor42

    I **really hope** that Labour continue flogging the dead horse of asset sales. If they do, it will be piss-easy for the Nats and ACT to bust them as hypocrites (as WO has already done).

  • whafe

    Sheesh mediatart, you must be valve bouncing, to many RPM’s hey?

    Take your meds!

    • mediatart

      Im only on a nasal spray.. along with Chai tea

  • reid

    It’s going to be hilarious when Liarbore calls Blue State Digital to ask them what to do cause their central campaign meme has fallen apart cause of the small issue they failed to mention when Blue State Digital was briefing them on the overall meme strategy late last year.

    Especially cause Liarbore’s now poor as a church mouse and apparently for some reason no-one trusts their online channel so BSD’s going to have to take one for the cause – sorry about that fellas.

    I wonder what will happen next?

    Personally I predict BSD will soon announce a massively expensive UN campaign is in the works to promote the good works of the UNDP and NZ Liarbore will experience a sudden revival of on-message-mania together with a complete switch in direction whereby asset sales aren’t ever mentioned again, not that anyone knows what they are, anyway.

  • arnie

    I cannot understand why all the so called media do not highlight this as it is very important, even the Nats should get into it. It is win win for them, was it not Maharey that suggested in 2008 that the sale of minority shareholding in some state assets be a good thing?

    • titanuranus

      The MSM don`t want to bite the hand that feeds them Arnie.

  • reid

    Hey Bridges said it in Parliament today: remember these figures: Goff voted for:
    17 state asset sales worth
    9.49 billion

    That’s what Bridges said today.

    If we keep quoting those figures all the time in our comments, it becomes a meme

    It’s a little social experiment. I just get sick of “failed policies of the 90’s” which is their flagship but there are many. Conservatives don’t use them and we should, all the time. Why not? They do it. Do it back.

    My hypothesis is: Numbers are very powerful as memes. Once memorised through a few repetitions they’re instantly recalled. I don’t think it will work very well as a meme however cause it has no emotive content apart from hypocrite but who cares about that (not Goff, apparently, anyway). So it won’t catch on but what we need is a way to get people to visualise those numbers. A really good graphic illustrating visually ALL those assets and ALL that money in dollar bill piles would be a really powerful aid. Preferably make the assets look like our lost orphan children stolen from us by Goof dressed as Scrooge but an evil powerful Scrooge with fangs, to add a bit of emotion to it…

    All Liarbore can come up with is piddly stop signs that are about to get slammed into the mud of the centrepiece divider on the Petone’s Esplanade road which goes along the sea which all the cars have to use in rush hour and there’s a crawl for a solid hour, where Trev’s union mates sometimes like to hang out. Those signs aren’t going to be any good anymore quite soon Trev. Sorry about that. Hope they weren’t too expensive but hey, never mind, lots more in the kitty, eh?

    • reid

      17 state asset sales worth
      $9.49 billion

      = better.

      I’m still learning.

      • Q: How many state assets has John Key sold, and what is their total value?

        A: 0 and $0

        • mediatart

          yes, before the election asset sales were a no no , after the election do ‘we have adeal for you’.
          Why do you lot all forget about the GST promise , broken.

          And every week Key says something clueless, its hardly election promises, but really , this isnt Wall st anymore where you can say any old rubbish.

  • paranormal

    You can forget the Lamestream Media picking up on this. I complained via the BSA about Campbell getting his facts wrong about Liarbour and Asset Sales. Still haven’t had any response from the slackers at TV3 except for:

    Dear [Paranormal]

    You lodged your complaint with us on 11 May 2011 and our normal practice is to respond to your complaint within 20 working days of that date. Unfortunately due to pressure of other complaints work we are not going to be able to meet the deadline for getting a response to you.

    We apologise for this delay and we will get a response to you as soon as possible and in any event no later than 40 working days from the date you lodged your complaint with us.
    Kind regards
    Jodie Reid
    For MediaWorks Standards Committee

    Still waiting….

  • paranormal

    Another meme to keep front of mind how Liabour took NZ into recession ahead of the rest of the world – perhaps we should be reminding Liabour of the failed policies of the naughties? Works on so many levels.

  • mediatart

    Talking about motormouth Key , This very week ( not eons ago).
    hat tip The standard
    Now we seem to have a Schrödinger’s Prime Minister. In response to questions in the House today about his comments on the safety of the Pike River mine, John Key initially sought to blame the previous government. When it was pointed out that the mine was initially consented in 1998, he suddenly claimed not to know when it had happened. When asked which response was correct, he then claimed “both”. So, he claims both to know and not know when the mine was consented.

    Just recently reading about Hitler, obviously not a good comparison, but no one in the trenches of WW1 thought he was some sort charismatic master mind , but later millions would think so. Why ? because it was all in their heads. They expected to be swept away.
    Plus old Adolf had learned afew tricks.
    A hypnotic stare, ( makes people in awe apparently) lots of pictures with children, a press campaign to paint him as the ‘peoples chancellor’ and so on.
    Goff may be a far better politician but Key is so clueless, yet is adored by millions.!

    • Don’t post the raving of those c*nts here. Do it again and you will take a holiday.