Poor people are using chemical toilets in Christchurch and the government is wasting money on this

No wonder we are borrowing $380m per week. Our money was used to promote a singer. In a competitive market where those that are any good make a fortune and those that aren’t any good need a hand out.

The Music Commission has helped her to pick up a $59,000 taxpayer grant from its Outward Sound scheme.

Good move Bill, lets give a hand out to a rich listers daughter why we are at it.

Creative New Zealand paid for King Kapisi and Bella Kalolo to play at the Glastonbury Music Festival. A European tour by Ladi6 is also being subsidised by taxpayers. And New Zealand on Air gave $50,000 to subsidise an album by Annabel Fay, daughter of rich-lister Sir Michael Fay.

Just keep adding it to the tab, no one will notice.


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  • kevin

    It looks as though the ‘Outward Sound’ scheme began in 2006… fancy that.
    Make it a loan scheme rather than a grant and see if the applicants still go-for-it.
    Definitely not a good look in these times.

  • This is nothing – have you looked into how much tax payer dollars the Mikahaka Foundation has been given in order to bring us ridiculous “talent” like JGeek and The Geeks and their STUPID songs with titles like “icky sticky love” ????

    I have – at least 300 k JUST last year via a dozen or so different government schemes. One grant for over $98,000 from the Ministry of Social Development.

    It is absolutely ridiculous.

  • thor42

    Form a group with a Maori name and you’ve got guaranteed dosh for life.

  • royaloaks

    I would have thought this crap would have stopped when Clark, Cullen and Tizard got the boot. Looks like national is just as stupid. For Gods sake are we ever going to get a government for the people with some commonsense.

    • gazzaw

      royaloaks, you can get rid of the MPs but the bureaucrats reign supreme! I always thought that it was cockroaches who would inherit the earth but alas no the cockies still have something to learn from the Wellington policy & strategy advisors.

  • jabba

    maybe Michael Fay is a little short still after giving the Govt 20mil for no reason at all a few years ago to make the insider trading thing to go away

  • br10

    Creative NZ is but one of a very large number of government departments that should be immediately and unceremoniously disestablished, with all involved consigned to the dole queue.


  • tristanb

    Wife beater J Williams received over $100,000 dollars.
    The unlikeable P Money has received tons of cash for us.
    And seriously, Annabel Fay – what a terrible voice, song choice, everything – we’re just paying for her hobby. The girl has zero talent! She makes me slightly sick.
    (BTW heaps of NZ bands are just rich kids whose parents pay for them to play electric guitar)

    I detest that we pay actors, singer and newsreaders so much taxpayer money in this country, just for them to sermonise us about global warming as they fly first class to the other side of the world.

    That’s why I never ever buy CDs or MP3s. We’re paying for them anyway! Give your money to a good busker – at least they’re just topping up their dole, not their $100,000 from NZ on Air!

    If a singer can be commercially viable – good on them. But if not, we should not keep topping them up to support their fun lifestyle.

    • I kinda liked P Money. He had one cool song. : /

      I’m all for promoting art and talent but as someone suggested above – these grants should be wiped and financial help for these artists should be given in the form of loans.

      Students have to take out loans to become qualified and successful in their chosen careers – why should it be any different for anyone else who wants to make a living out of doing whatever it is that they are interested in, or talented at?