Pwning Labour in the House by remote

Political cripple, Trevor Mallard thinks I am in the pay of the National party, he thinks that I am also in the pay of the ACT party. He thinks that I am their puppet and I do their bidding, that I am in their respective pockets.

He is wrong.

They are in MY pocket. They do MY bidding.

Anne Tolley delivered a right smacking to Sue Moroney.

Simon Bridges uses my lines from this morning about Trevor Mallard.

Duck really needs some anger man­age­ment courses so he can con­cen­trate on the cam­paign rather than fight­ing an asym­met­ri­cal war with a right wing blog­ger he can’t win.


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  • mattyman

    That video made me love Anne Tolley.

  • bigkev

    top marks for pulling off the “cunning stunts” quote, i always get that one wrong way around :-)

  • marybelle

    How many teachers actually vote for Labour? Can’t believe the monopoly and direct line Labour has to the NZEI. Anne Tolley you are a star! And thanks Whale for exposing all this behind the scene stuff. By the way “Yes Minister” has just started again on SkyTV Comedy Central. Worth a look. Still relevant after all these years.

  • royaloaks

    Anne Tolly, thanks for giving Liarbour a few home truths. 5 star performance.

  • reid

    I wonder whether strategically they should have objected to Morony tabling anything. Yes Tolley was very good. She is one of the best performers Key has. Her and Collins are equals.

    Bridges won’t be bad too, once he gets a bit of mane.