Quote of the Day – Steven Joyce

Transport Minister Steven Joyce said the project appeared to be plagued by taniwha.

“It does not massively surprise me,” he said. “Treasury found a few fiscal taniwhas as well, so it doesn’t surprise me that another one has turned up.”

Len Brown so deserved a taniwha.

Watching him extricate himself out of this without appeasing the taniwha with truckloads of our cash will be hilarious. Watching the greenies who push for the trains decide to kill a taniwha for their trainset will be even more hilarious.


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  • royaloaks

    Lens lesson for the day; Be very careful of the company you keep! This show will be so good to watch it should be on Sky Arena. $ 29.95 to watch Loopy Lefty Len up against Big Bad Horotiu. Promoted by the Greens. Auckland taxpayers to get it for free.

  • abjv

    It would be interesting to hear Metiria Turei’s take on this one. For a leader of the green party, her press statements are normally about the adverse effect on Maoris. Environmentally friendly train and public transport boost versus a two 3m holes drilled through the rectum of a taniwha. This will be nice to watch.

  • johnqpublic

    The Green’s should just STFU and agree we should build another Taniwha-OK ROAD that public transport BUSES can go on. Sorted.

  • buffalobob

    Not everyone pushing for the rail link is a greeny Cam

    • cadwallader

      That’s right Bob. The other 1% are just ordinary fuckheads!