Sneaky Len lies to Auckland again

Len Brown really is making a reputation for himself as sneaky and furtive.

Mayor Len Brown has announced a $6 million cruise ship terminal will be built on Queens Wharf before the public have a say on a new waterfront masterplan.

Mr Brown broke a promise to consult Aucklanders on options for a cruise ship terminal and refused to release a review of those options, which was one of his 100 projects in his first 100 days.

His unilateral decision to go with Queens Wharf – the matter has not gone before the Auckland Council – is at odds with his election promise for a cruise ship terminal on Captain Cook Wharf and instructions to Waterfront Auckland in November to include Captain Cook Wharf in the master planning process.

“We will then go through a three- to four-month discussion with the community and confirm our final options for the development of the waterfront, in particular the cruise ship terminal,” he said in November.

He has broken another election promise and side-stepped the council, ruling now by executive fiat, but at the same time trying to slip it all through very sneakily.

Yesterday, Mr Brown made no apologies for deciding on Queens Wharf without consulting the public, saying urgent action was needed on the cruise ship terminal.

He promised to be inclusive, consultative and the Mayor for all Auckland…seems he is just the sneaky and furtive Mayor.


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  • michaels

    How many thousands of protestors would it take to march up Queen st and bash on his office door to make him resign?
    This fool can’t go the full term.
    Not only is he a liar, he is a fool.

    Stupid stupid mistake South Auckland, you should have done what you always do and stay at home, smoke some pot, bash a kid and not voted. FOOLS!!

    • gazzaw

      His majority would have been even more michaels had they not exposed the vote riggers.

  • johnqpublic

    The Shories not turning out at all did it.

    This is notwithstanding that Queens Wharf should have had a cruise ship terminal years ago.

  • jabba

    ohhhhh myyyyyy goddddddd …. Lenny B broke a promise!!
    the guy is a stranger to the truth, unfortunately too few know this and voted the fuckwit to be the mayor of Auckland .. go figure

  • gazzaw

    Does the $6 million budget allow for taniwha clearing fees?

  • mediatart

    Funny I thought we had a port company, which paid for such things. Maybe Im old fashioned but in my day cruise ships ‘floated’ but perhaps now they arrive on some sort of ‘cloud’ or its one of those new fangled ‘iships’.
    Then there is the cost, $6 mill sounds very cheap for anything the council does. Or maybe it will be the new name for ‘party central’ glass blob after the party is over. That sounds more like it, just giving a brand new building a makeover, when done by those spendthrifts at the council, will cost ‘from’ $6 mill

    • Doc

      Too true Tarty, from $6 mil…do you want to put an upper figure on it???

  • Lyen Brown; the beer for all of Auckland.

  • toby

    Len Brown, Mayor for himself.

  • paulus12

    Typical Len the Liar, and Aucklanders actually voted for him.

    Glad I left Auckland.

    Am told to look to the next ACTUAL rates bills – “balancing” its called – there will be screams heard in Hamilton even.