Labour Leaks – Stay Tuned – Tomorrow 0900


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  • cadwallader

    Piddly donations! Where’s Owen Glenn when you really need him? I think Boy Scouts running a sausage sizzle would be more lucrative.

  • simo

    Your a legend Whale, couldn’t stop laughing at the caption – brilliant!!!

    • thor42

      Spot-on! Agreed, simo – the legend was great!
      Heck, I really hope that Act pick that slogan up and run with it.
      It’s short, snappy and ABSOLUTELY TRUE.
      Labour couldn’t run a piss-up in a brewery……

  • royaloaks

    If things get dirty Whale, I can offer you a safe house in the Waikato. Poor Goofy coming home to this debacle. Dont you just feel a little pity for the poor chap? I dont!

  • lcmortensen

    Information on credit card transactions – the name, email address and the amount is basically all you have. There’s not much you can do with that.

    At least the individual credit card details (card number, cardholder name, expiry, and CVV number) weren’t leaked, hidden behind 128-bit encryption – the banks and the government would have to spend millions cancelling and reissuing tens of thousands of credit cards if that happened.

    • reid

      You mean hundreds don’t you ic. I mean it was only going since the beginning of the year. Not that many people are interested in Liarbore…

  • lowercaseusername

    Please tell me these are coming from Ministerial credit cards from the early 2000s.

    • thor42

      Heh….. ohhhhh yes, please let that be the case.
      Sex toys for a Ms H. Clark.
      Inflatable doll for a Mr M. Cullen…….

  • NZ Groover

    Alert the web host, those servers are going to take a hammering come 9 am tomorrow.

    Good to see you’re targeting both sides on the parlimentry services thing. Balanced, unhipocritical opinion will give you credibility.

    • gaskranken

      NZ Groover, wicked choice for a handle mate, very cool:)

  • thor42

    I – um – have to raise the unspoken question here.
    Are your “bases covered” against a charge of hacking (or any other possible charges), WO?
    I assume they are, but I’m keen to be reassured of that…… :)

    • Yep, well covered, let them make the allegations…can’t wait to pur them back in their bottle

      • thor42

        Good stuff……

  • kevin

    Lets hope the site does not crash at 9.00am with the HuGe traffic…