Stay Tuned – Details Monday


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  • whafe

    Cam, you tease….

    I wait with eager anticipation :D

  • It’s bloody good, its like OH MY GOD how could they be soooo stupid?

    • whafe

      The whole Whale household are teases…..

      The sad thing is that we will not be surprised by what ever it is…

  • too true :) that we are teases that is.
    I WAS surprised I assure you and you will be too :)

    • whafe

      Stokage all round then, will totally take your word that we will be well surprised….

      May it be a huge blow to the Pinko’s

  • This pretty much sums up whats coming….

  • oswaldbastable

    Keep the buggers hungry!

  • buffalobob

    Come on….the cats out of the bag apparently …. what is it.?

  • Roll on Monday; I have a feeling that a certain injured Labour campaign manager might not be getting much sleep tonight and tomorrow night.

  • buffalobob

    Fuck Mallard… not going to sleep till i find out…..

  • jabba

    can’t believe Daffy would make a mistake other that what he says which we are used to and he gets away with it

  • kehua

    Bring it on Cam, makem wriggle.

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