Terry is dreamin'

Yesterday I blogged about the Aussies chasing Western Gulf Advsiory and its dodgy principal, Ahsan Ali Syed. Today the Dompost catches up and notes that Terry Poo-piss continues to be deluded about his magical, imaginary $100 million rescue package.

But Mr Serepisos said the court-ordered freeze would have no impact on his loan deal.

“My loan is in Switzerland and whatever happens there [Bahrain] doesn’t affect what I am doing. It has no effect on whether my loan will happen and I do believe it will happen.

Mr Serepisos admits to having paid WGA establishment fees but would not say how much those fees were.

“He has offered them back to me many a time … I don’t believe I’ve been scammed.”

Yeah Terry, you keep holding onto that hope.


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  • jimmie

    I wonder if he will try and claim the so called fees as a business expense?

  • titanuranus

    Probably time to run another series of the NZ Apprentice,only this time maybe they can find someone to pull him out of the shit,either that or fire him.

  • devlsadvocate

    Holy hell – any day now his folks are going to have to sit him down and have the Birds and Bees talk with him too.

    “He has offered them back to me many a time … I don’t believe I’ve been scammed.”

    Jeez, you almost want to swaddle him in a blanket and talk gently to him until he goes to sleep where all the bad men can’t take his cash-cash…