The beginning of the end for Unite?

According to NBR we may be seeing the beginning of the end of Matt McCarten’s Unite union.

Matt Nippert writes:

Part of left-wing political Machiavelli Matt McCarten’s Unite union empire has gone under owing money to the taxman.

The Auckland High Court confirmed Unite Social Services was placed into liquidation this morning at the request of the Commissioner of Inland Revenue at 10.56am.

The Official Assignee was appointed as liquidator.

Unite Social Services is separate from the union Unite Incorporated, but financial accounts filed with the Companies Office show the two entities are linked.

The accounts to March 2009 notes Unite Social Services is “a supplier of administrative support services to Unite Inc. The charges for these services is at the discretion of the company. For this financial year the company did not make any charge for these services.”

The same 2009 accounts show Unite Inc owed the IRD $134,095, and had entered a $8,000 monthly repayment plan with the taxman.

Unite Social Services’ sole shareholder and director is former Alliance MP Mr McCarten.

He is presently serving as a political adviser to Hone Harawira’s Mana Party.

Mr McCarten had not returned repeated calls by the National Business Review as this story was posted.

Part of me feels sorry for Matt McCarten but on the other hand a union that rails against employers that don’t meet their obligations should really be honouring their own obligations to the taxpayer, especially if the arrears is PAYE.

The other fallout of course will be the Mana Party which was going to rely heavily on Unite resources and organisers, the pity for them is that it appears that Unite was spending their tax obligations on campaigning.


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  • mikms

    “Unite Social Ser­vices’ sole share­holder and direc­tor is for­mer Alliance MP Mr McCarten.”

    He was never an Alliance MP…

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  • johnboy

    “He was never an Alliance MP…”

    He was never much at all really apart from a loudmouth.

  • Doug

    Low-wage workers union Unite is planning to target John Key’s house as part of a protest next weekend over a possible return to “youth rates”.
    Matt will have even less money after he pays his rabble to attend his protest.

    • royaloaks

      And I suppose John Minto will be there screaming his guts out in to a megaphone plus the usual rent a crowd tuggers. Same old crap.

    • gazzaw

      They havent thought that one through Doug because the PM will be in Queenstown & then off to New Delhi. Obviously Matt hasn’t got a gig booked with his mate Holmes on Q&A that weekend.

  • reid

    Yes it’s a great shame McCarten has seen fit to give the rest who do pay our taxes the fingers just so he can help his mates. That mean’s doesn’t it, that we are paying him via his unpaid taxes, which he preferred to spend on other things? That because it was a limited liability company the rest of us can go jump while Matt helps his racist mate get elected.

    PAYE is trust money. It is money held in trust by the employer on behalf of their employees. This is defined as such explicitly in the Income Tax Act. Therefore McCarten is violating the most sacred bond which he constantly espouses indeed considers his raison d’etre. The employer’s sacred duty of respect and ethical behaviour at all times toward their employees.

    So one wonders if Matt is proud of himself. Driving the company deliberately into bankruptcy, I mean, does anyone think he didn’t notice as the PAYE mounted month by month? Duh. But the point is, he did it deliberately.

    The second point is, he did it by violating the sacred trust of holding back nay stealing his own employees own money! How about that. Matt McCarten is in fact, an evil nasty employer who steals trust monies from his own employees. Does Sue know this Matt? She probably does now. How’s it going with her these days?

    • Little wonder he’s thrown his lot in with Harawira then. Reid is 100% right though; holding on to taxes deducted from employees is the kind of thing that McCarten castigated bosses for. He is nothing but a hypocrite.

      And what’s even worse is that Unite staff Kiwisaver deductions will also have been involved. That means that employees have lost the opportunity to earn interest; that opportunity can never be recovered. McCarten has put Unite’s political agenda ahead of the rights of Unite staff. That sucks.

    • cadwallader

      If McCarten was a private employer he could do gaol time for the failure to account for monies held for his employees’ benefit. What an irresponsible wanker!

  • Ramjam

    M M has long seen these low wage earners that UNITE represent as his own private piggy bank. I first heard about these tax problems about 3 mins before I saw that he had set up shop (a rent paying shop) under the canopy’s in Porirua during the Mana by election. I walked past him and heard him talking into his (UNITE funded?) cell phone, presumably talking to a journo on a slow news day tho it could have been a Tui ad, saying he had strong ties to the Mana area. I wondered at the time how many $$$ that belonged to the taxman (read joe public) were invested in this folly.

  • cadwallader

    Commies not paying to be commies. A delicious irony.

    I was at a dinner once and witnessed McCarten eating. I have never seen anyone with worse table manners. He scoffed like a pig and didn’t allow the presence of food in his mouth to curtail his inane rants.

    • royaloaks

      I can one up you on piggy table manners. Once saw Tuku Morgan at Yum Cha in Auckland. Fair put me off my food. McCarten had no credibility before, now he has proven he is just another pig trougher.

  • titanuranus

    Time for McCarten to F F F F F Fuck off.