The folly of List MPs

Phil Twyford is getting his knickers in a twist because Rodney stopped a car for a photo.

Since he went on and on about it, and distracted himself writing hundreds of questions to ministers here is that photo. I rang Rodney Hide and after he swore at me and called me a dirty rotten coup plotter, I asked him about Phil’s post and the alleged photo he took.

He said he did take a photo because he noticed when he was driving to a function that there were two List MPs office across the road from each other and both in an electorate they aren’t the MP for. I asked him for the photo and he sent it it. Here it is.

Phil Twyford and Tau Henare junking up the joint with their offices

So here we have an electorate with perhaps the most parliamentary representation of any electorate in New Zealand. Te Atatu is blessed with not one, not two, but three MPs. Two of the finest List MPs that parliamentary services money can buy and Chris Carter.

Rabid mouth foamer Labour lickspittle “Anne” says:

Anne on Red Alert digs a holeAs usual trying to justify and weasel out of everything. Slagging off Chris Carter as NOT a Labour MP. Just like 1984-1990 has been erased from Labour’s history books so too has Chris Carter, a man the local elected to represent Labour in Te Atatu.

She notes that ALL List MP s have offices in their respective electorates. There is a massive flaw in her argument. List MPs are the creatures of the party and do not have electorates. Though following her line of argument that they ALL have offices you do have to wonder how many Phil Twyford has? After all he was the man for Mt Albert until Phil’s mate needed a job, then he was the man for Auckland Central until David’s girlfriend wanted to stand there, and then he was the man for Waitakere until the unions spiked him and now it appears he is the man for Te Atatu after Judith said she didn’t come back.

Perhaps an easier question to ask, one with a shorter answer would be, Which electorates in Auckland hasn’t Phil Twyford had an office in?


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  • reid

    List MPs are the crea­tures of the party…

    They’re all creatures of the party, IMO.

    If they thought about us as much as they thought about their party during the entire time they claim to be representing only our interests as loudly and as often as they possibly could, this would be a very different country.

    What annoys me is the level of stupid out there that lets them get away with this attitude for decade after decade after decade without any hint of recognising this in fact is only what our leaders ever do, on all sides, all the time.

    It’s a shame the word “Altruism” isn’t tattoed on the forehead of every single Minister when they take office and they are only allowed to have it removed, at taxpayer expense, once they leave.

    The PM has to have Head Altruist tattoed on.

    This is of course all done in mirror lettering, so the only ones who know what the fuck it means, are them. And it makes it hard, for a politician at least, to forget about it, given their oft alleged frequency of attendance at said mirror.

  • Graeme Edgeler

    Chris Carter’s office is not a Labour Party Office.

    Why the Hell is any MP’s office a “Party Office”?

    • Exactly….you’ve got it Graeme. Remember the leaked minutes of the Labour North campaign meeting about using parliamentary services resources for “the benefit of LN”. Now you see it.

  • whalewatcher

    Rodney should, perhaps after all, stick to politics.
    He clearly is no photographer

    As to the subject of Party Politics, reid makes some good points
    Prior to the advent of party politics in the Victorian era, the Westminster system (which we use apart from the prostitutional MMP component) was robust, and Members voted for their constituencies.

    Do many of you recognise the words ‘member’ and ‘constituents’?
    they are words barely encountered in this time of of corporate politics

    This is why every time I vote (and I always vote) I spend a long time in the booth agonizing over which bastard most deserves my tick. Because they are not deserving, and I end up voting on the trumped-up ‘issues’ – and here I have been betrayed many times, so issues are out the door for me now. Issues are cheap catch-cries, abandoned with alarming ease.

    Polies are all bastards who subvert the process to their party line. But I have to vote, because good men and women have died twice in the past century for my privilege, and I will honour this.

    The scurrilous undertakings of the Parties is transparent and disgraceful. I vote every 3 years with total contempt, yet I do it anyway.
    It is my responsibility

    God rest the Anzacs

    Damn the deceivers.

    • reid


      Damn them to hell.