The Politics of Envy

Bomber’s world view is not one I share, but I actually like the guy. I would actually debase myself and have a beer with him, but he actually got a ripper of an answer from Phil Goff when he lobbed him a vile ‘politics of envy’ patsy question on his left-wing hate speech blog.

If you look at John Key’s comments on the poor choosing to be poor if they receive food parcels and that bugger all would starve to death if he cut off the benefit, does it suggest our multi-millionaire Optimist Prime is out of touch with the reality of poverty for the 40% of NZ who earn less than $20 000?

Absolutely out if touch, that kind of arrogant comment that if you can’t make ends meet it’s a lifestyle choice, is something straight out of Charles Dickens’England.

I think if you look at the list of property and incomes earned by National Party members of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers, you will see people that have a lifestyle that has nothing in common with the people in my electorate who are struggling every week to pay the bill when going through the supermarket check out or are struggling to pay for petrol in tanks of their cars.

So how ‘in touch’ is Phil Goff and Labour. Looking at the pecuniary interests register for Labour’s top 5, they all have property investments, they’re all involved in trusts of some kind, and have rather chunky looking super schemes.  The difference is not income – the difference is where their assets came from. For Labour, it nearly all came from being career politicians.

Hon Phil GOFF (Labour, Mt Roskill)

  • Tower Limited – life insurance
  • Mansfield Towers Limited – Wellington flat company shares
  • Family home and farm property (jointly owned), Auckland
  • House (jointly owned), Mt Roskill
  • Global Retirement Trust Superannuation Scheme
  • Westpac – term deposit
  • Bank of New Zealand – term deposit
  • Kiwibank – term deposit

Hon Annette KING (Labour, Rongotai)

  • Orca Services (R Lind and A King) – management of an investment property
  • King-Lind Family Trust
  • House, Hataitai, Wellington
  • Superstart Superannuation Scheme
  • KiwiSaver Superannuation Scheme

Hon David CUNLIFFE (Labour, New Lynn)

  • Bozzie Family Trust (discretionary trust)
  • Family home (owned by trust), Auckland
  • AMP Retirement Funds (AMP Passive International Shares, AMP Balanced)
  • KiwiSaver (Mercer)
  • Bozzie Family Trust – property debt*

* Interest rate payable in relation to the debt is less than the normal market interest rate that applied at the time the debt was incurred or, if the terms of the debt have been amended, at the time of that amendment.

Hon David PARKER (Labour, List)

  • Queens Park Mews Limited (shareholder but not a director) – not trading
  • Akatore Coast Forest Partnership (No.4) Limited – forestry
  • Arapawa Island Forest Partnership – forestry
  • BLIS Technologies Limited – health products
  • Botryzen Limited – plant remedies
  • Fund Managers Holdings Limited – fund management
  • Pharmazen Limited – animal remedies
  • Karitane Trust
  • Sue Wootton Family Trust
  • Tarras Trust
  • Family home (jointly owned), Dunedin
  • Holiday home (jointly owned), Karitane, Otago
  • Investment property (owned in partnership), Alexandra, Otago
  • Investment property (owned in partnership), Dunedin
  • DWP Superannuation Scheme
  • ING Superannuation Scheme

Hon Ruth DYSON (Labour, Port Hills)

  • Comet Technologies – young enterprise scheme ‘special status’ company set up by four students from St Thomas of Canterbury College to develop ‘acci-link’ product
  • Family home, Christchurch
  • Cottage, Akaroa
  • Global Investment
  • KiwiSaver

Phil Goff wants to play the politics of envy yet his own front bench seems to be in a far better position than the constituents of Mt Roskill, Prot Hills, New Lynn, and Rongotai. He and his party are weapons grade hypocrites.


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  • titanuranus

    Wow, politicians exposed as hypocrites,say it ain`t so Whale.
    I mean, do as I say not do as I do from Labour ,whatever next?
    I`m guessing that 40% are all Labour voters and have been long before JK got into power.

  • buffalobob

    I think Phil is embarrassed that he lives in Clevedon….never seen him at the pub there…..

    • hollyfield

      I live 500m from his electorate office in Mt Roskill. Never seen him in a pub in Mt Roskill, either…. I often see an elderly gentleman driving a red “Phil Goff” van around (paid by taxpayers I assume) but have never seen Mr Goff.

  • gazzaw

    Truly representative of the working classes. I wonder what Savage, Fraser, Lee, Nash et al would have made of it all. Phil didn’t appear to be too comfortable in McGehan Ave the last time that I saw him in his electorate.

  • toby

    Who the fuck is earning less than $20,000 a year? That’s far below minimum wage, so it would have to be made up of people working part time. People on a benefit don’t earn their money – they get given it. Sounds fishy to me.

    Regardless of how they come by this money, 40% is a bogus sounding proportion. 40% of who? The entire population, working and non-working? 40% of wage earners? 40% males named Maurice who own corduroy trousers? Sounds like another fishy distorted stat.

  • paulus12

    Cunliffe must be a real jerk. Anybody who has AMP Retirement (Passive International Shares) has lost hugely. And he is a possible Finance Minister ? – never a leader.

    I know – I had large sum over 7 years untouchable, and finally lost 30% of my original input.

    I know incompetence, as I was taken in too.