Treaty Mentality at Work

Witness the treaty mentality at work.

Takao’s design was commissioned in September 2008 by Rugby World Cup Ltd’s Australian-based design and brand agency, Witekite, which sought Maori artists for design work for the tournament.

Takao would not reveal the amount he was paid but said “it wasn’t much in the wider scheme of things”.

Basically this joker is saying that despite being paid for his work he is miffed that he didn’t also score some free stuff and so he is having a whinge.

He needs to take some advice from Chopper Read and dry his eyes.


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  • royaloaks

    Dont they always want more FREE stuff. Never ends, never will!

  • titanuranus

    mo` money.

  • arnie

    He got paid and probably a reasonable amount or he would moaning about that as well,
    Does he want extra because he’s Maori? Not even news worthy, then it’s the Herald publishing his moans. What’s new.