Trevor Mallard's own SMOG

Keeping Stock invented the term SMOG (Social Media Own Goal) and Labour are intent on getting the highest score possible.

Last night Trevor Mallard tried to get a cheap shot at the prime minister about Christchurch, and he scored his own SMOG.

Trevor Mallard-SMOG


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  • kowtow

    That shit about ‘bringing in’ foreign workers was pushed really hard by ,I think it was TVNZ as “news”. At the end of their brilliant scoop it emerges they are not being “brought in”, they’re already here FFS, and it’s merely an EXTENSION on a current visa. Utter bollocks.

    That asparagus comment is priceless!

  • oldlogger

    Not at all suprised they want to use foriegn workers.
    I recruit staff for logging crews, 80% of kiwis fail the initial drug test and never make it to the work site.
    The staff we have from overseas are motivated, drug free, and highly skilled.
    We pay them top dollar while our kiwi ‘workers’ stay at home on a benefit.
    Wake up NZ.