Vote for Change launched

Finally, someone has got off their arse and decided to challenge the hegemony of MMP.

The shouters and vested interests didn’t want a debate, they wanted this referendum to be uncontested, well that isn’t going to happen now.

A campaign against MMP was launched today, aiming to persuade voters to opt for change in the referendum that is going to be held at the same time as the November 26 general election.

The referendum will ask voters whether they want to change to another electoral system, and to tick a preferred alternative from a list of options including the old first-past-the-post system.

If a majority want a change, a second referendum will be held alongside the 2014 general election which will run off MMP against the alternative that gets the most ticks.

“Vote for Change wants a system that restores more certainty, that allows voters to easily hold governments to account and kick rascals out of Parliament”, said the organisation’s spokesman Jordan Williams, a Wellington lawyer.

“The current system lets party bosses sneak MPs who have been dismissed by their local electorates back into Parliament on party lists.”

Mr Williams said many people had high hopes that MMP would create a new era of consensus politics but instead “small groups and party bosses can now hold the rest to ransom”.

Some people are already suggesting that MMP should be reformed but that is not the question in this referendum. What we are being asked to do is choose MMP warts and all as it currently stands, or vote for change. If we vote for change then we can choose one of four other systems.

If you like MMP just as it is then vote for that option, if you like anything else, including a changed MMP system then Vote for Change.

I’m glad we will now be having a debate, something that the supporters of MMP didn’t want and have gone out of their to avoid by abusing those who would speak differently.



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  • peterwn

    Those within the ‘beltway’ know that Peter Shirtcliffe (who is not exactly broke) and others have had a continuing campaign against MMP pretty well since its introduction. This challenge is the latest manifestation of this campaign. An interloper got into Wellington Central Nats AGM a few years ago and ripped shreds off Peter who was there. This shows just how scared stiff the anti-MMP brigade are, and now Hone has handed Peter, Jonathan and co lots more ammunition.

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  • gazzaw

    Simon Power stated that the initial referendum would be binding and in 2014 we would vote what system we want. The information received a few weeks back by all registered voters stated firstly that ‘parliament’ would decide and then that ‘government’ would decide whether a second referendum would be held. In other words if Power is to be believed then National will hold a binding referendum but all other parties still need to make their policies known on MMP. Surely this must become a key election issue.

    • Graeme Edgeler

      The other parties have made their positions known. Both National and Labour have said that if a majority votes for change then they will hold a binding referendum in 2014.

      • gazzaw

        Those positions are definitely the policy for both main parties?

        • Graeme Edgeler

          Yes. MPs from those parties have said this on a number of occasions. Minor parties have too, I think, but National and Labour are enough to make it happen.

          • gazzaw

            Goofy was more than ambivalent on TV1 News tonight.

      • Actually Graeme Labour could weasel out because the material about the second referendum says “this government” and they could argue that if Labour won they shouldn’t be bound by the previous parliament. Since Labour en-masse are supporting MMP I think that is a highly risky to believe that they will support a second referendum.

  • Graeme Edgeler

    If you like MMP just as it is then vote for that option, if you like any­thing else, includ­ing a changed MMP sys­tem then Vote for Change.

    Unfortunately, this won’t be the case. The review of MMP to change the bits we don’t like about it (5% threshold, electorate seat rule, back door MPs, whatever) will only occur if Keep MMP wins.

    Many submitters argued that there should also be a review of MMP if “change” won, but National said “no”. If National has its way, a vote for change will lead to a vote between the current MMP system with no changes, and an alternative system. Chances to argue for change to MMP will only happen if Keep MMP wins.

  • abjv

    I’m picturing a poster. Hone’s face on the right, looking towards the middle. Minto’s mug, mouth open screeching into a loud hailer from the left.
    Across the top “They got enough party votes to get two seats”
    Across the bottom “And now they’re in Cabinet”

    Vote for Change etc.

  • jabba

    that “jennifer” on redablurt is a treasure isn’t she?

  • thor42

    STV gets my vote. It lets YOU rank the candidates, and you can vote for as many or as few as you like.

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