Whale vs. Duck – Update

Whaleoil vs Mallard

This training lark is tough. I have to motivate myself and just do it. I will not let Trevor Mallard beat me.

I went to the gym again today. This time I increased my spin session by another 5 minutes. Today was 40 minutes interval training.

I have forgotten to mention that the Gym I go to is Genetics Gym in Manukau. Genetics is making a bit of a name for themselves at the moment because of the great work Buck Stowers is doing helping his “Big Boys”. they have appeared on Tagata Pasifika and 60 Minutes.

Buck has been a really good friend to me and helped me through some of my darkest times with his exercise programmes.

Mt Eden Cycles

This afternoon came around a bit faster than I hoped. I was dreading getting on the bike. But it had to be done. I haven’t ridden a bike in anger in 22 years. I certainly haven’t ridden any bike like the weapon that Mt Eden Cycles have provided me.

Since it was the first ride I thought I would take it easy. Fat chance. The bike is fast…certainly faster than I am prepared to ride right now. Anyway I decided to modify my walking route and extend it a bit. So I did 12.42km, it took me 33 minutes. The course I decided on had a few little hills, I wanted to see what I could do. The course profile is below:

Cycle Course elevation profileOne thing I have learned about my first bike ride….get some proper non-gay bike shorts. My arse feels like I’ve had a session at Annette and Darren’s draped over a Swissball for several hours.

Meanwhile secret footage of Trevor’s training day has been sent to the tipline.

Feeling awesome already.


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  • whafe

    Great work Whale….

    Best thing is to purchase some good chamois cycling pants. They are worth there weight in gold… Will take a bit of time for your ass to harden up so to speak… And after being in the saddle for a few hours, your billies and weapon of love will be hard to find… Its all good and normal….

    I have this sick feeling that the Mallard Drake will pike and chicken out….

  • thor42

    Good stuff WO – keep it up!
    In a couple of weeks time you’ll be cruising along on that thing like Brian “chooky” Fowler in the Tour of Southland…… ;)

    • thor42

      I had a look at the course you did. Looks good.
      Being from Wgtn, I don’t know Buckland’s Beach really, but the course looks spot-on, with a bit of variety in it, I’d say. Great that the course has a bit of riding along the coast, too – nothing matches that.

      • Didn’t see much of it I was going so fast.

  • callumb

    If you want some decent non faggy bike shorts, check out a company called ground effect, they are great and don’t make you look like a poof.

    • jamesstephenson

      Except that over about 35kph they flap around like f-knows what and act like a parachute – Ground Effect have some decent roadie-wear too.

      Talking of faggy though, are you extending your Azor endorsement to shaving yer legs Cam…must be some sponsorship from the King of Shaves guys in that eh? I’m officially blowing the dust of my collection of carbon fibre and Campagnolo this weekend, I wanna watch this race from close range.

    • reid

      they are great and don’t make you look like a poof

      Why do they lightening stripes down the side?

  • Ciaron

    Depending on how you prefer to grip the bars, you may find that you get a bit of soreness around the thumbs. Takes about three weeks to HTFU or you could get some gel gloves…

  • reid

    How’s the crotch tonight Cam?

    That’s the part I hate.