Whaleleaks – Goff lies

NZPA is reporting on Labour’s latest spin regarding the NZEI email scandal:

Wellington, June 20 NZPA – Thousands of people who signed an early childhood education petition have had their email addresses added to a Labour Party database, with leader Phil Goff saying it was solely to let people know the outcome of the campaign.

The email addresses, taken from a New Zealand Educational Institute (NZEI) postcard campaign against cuts to early childhood education, were added to a database of about 18,000 people that could be freely downloaded from Labour’s website until the problem was fixed last weekend.

Right-wing blogger Cameron Slater, who obtained a copy of the database, said on his website that NZEI national secretary Paul Goulter had written to petition signatories to explain why their addresses had been added to the database.

The letter said the postcards were given last year to Labour early childhood education spokeswoman Sue Moroney, who had agreed to present them to Prime Minister John Key because no Government MPs would do so.

Mr Key has not yet accepted the postcards.

Mr Goff today said people who signed the postcards wanted to know outcome of the petition and Ms Moroney had written back to a number of people.

“It’s purely about early childhood education, there’s a letter that’s gone out to some of those people,” he said.

The NZEI in its letter said only some campaign signatories had received Ms Moroney’s letter.

NZEI had made it clear to the Labour Party that it was “very concerned” about the database breach and had asked for the addresses to be deleted.


Unfortunately for Phil Goff he is lying about the intent of what they were going to do with those emails. Yet again he has misled the media. Here is a copy of an email that is still sitting undelivered in Labour’s system that is to be sent out to the ECE  protesters that had their emails harvested and stored illegally by Labour.

ECE petition followup

Delivery Summary

Delivery has not yet begun for this mailing. If the scheduled delivery date and time is past, ask the system administrator or technical support contact for your site to verify that the automated mailer task (‘cron job’) is running – and how frequently. (learn more…)

Recipients Included

Members of ECE petition contacts

Hi {contact.first_name}

This message is sent to you because you wrote your email address on a postcard about Early Childhood Education. If I’ve contacted you in error, please unsubscribe below.

Last year you joined thousands of others in writing to me, or filling out an NZEI postcard, expressing concern about the National Government’s cuts to early childhood education.

Those cuts mean thousands of parents are facing bills of $10 to $60 a week more per child. The cuts mean staff redundancies and cutting hours in our early childhood centres, fewer field trips, or not providing food or other extras.

Labour is fighting hard to stop the cuts. Our focus will be  quality, free and accessible early childhood education for all children. For every dollar spent on early childhood education, our country saves $11 in future costs.

We need your support.

It’s easy and simple to pitch in:

Please Like our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/kidscountnz

You’ll find lots of information about what’s going on, people swapping news. Please suggest it to your friends too.

We want children to get the best start possible. Please feel welcome to email me any time with your views.

Kind regards

Sue Moroney

Labour Spokesperson for Early Childhood Education

Hamilton-based Labour Member of Parliament


To unsubscribe: {action.optOutUrl}


Sue Moroney clearly says in this email that she may be contacting people “in error”. This is her way of saying that Labour are doing something dodgy here, hoping that you won’t notice. This email proves that Phil Goff lied to the media, far from being “solely to let people know the outcome of the campaign“, Labour actually planned to further enroll the signatories to the Labour causes on other matters. There was no letting the signatories know about the outcome of the campaign, it was purely solicitation for the Labour party. It was solicitation again from labour’s system which was hosted and stored on parliamentary services provided servers.

At every turn in this whole scandal Labour has lied. They claimed they had been hacked, they were wrong. They claimed that the National party gave me the information, they lied about that too. They claimed that the data was theirs, when it turns out it wasn’t. Now they are claiming they were going to tell those people whose details they illegally harvested from a petition something about the progress when the database files tell us something else entirely.


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  • adolffiinkensein

    I don’t know whether others see the real humour here.

    Whaleoil now is leaking Labour’s e-mails BEFORE the poor dumb bastards have even sent them!

    First class!!!!

  • gazzaw

    Why would I think that this scandal will go nowhere with TV1 or TV3 News? Instead we’ll be watching yet more interviews about the portaloo situation in Bexley.

    • It’s not actually a “made-for-television” scandal IMHO gazzaw. Part of the reason that Whale has been able to do such a first-class job is that he is not constrained by time or space as the MSM types are. These issues have needed a detailed explanation, and WO has provided it. They are totally unsuited for a 15 second vox-pop on the telly news.

      Keep the leaks coming WO; Phil Goff must be dreading whatever is coming next!

  • jabba

    Moroney has confirmed what I have always thought and that is that she is out of her depth .. mind you, Goff and most others aren’t too flash either

  • lulu

    Keep slicing thinly WO. Here is where I think this is at:
    • Limited MSM attention,
    • Silence from other parties,
    • Unusually little comment from regular party sources i.e. Goff/Mallard,
    • Growing wall of lies,
    • Labour relying on the lie about National putting WO up to it to deflect attention,
    • Increasing number of law breaches, and
    • Emerging parallels e.g. NZ post.
    Eventually this will blow up in Labour’s face. Can’t wait.

  • royaloaks

    Labour and Goofy are digging themselves day by day into the shite deeper and deeper. Keep exposing the treacherous, lying mongrels Whale for as long as it takes.

    • thor42

      I second that……

  • whafe

    The steamy brown stuff gets deeper by the day, Goff will need breathing kit shortly as it is now deeper than his stature….