Whaleleaks: Is that all you've got?

The other day i wrote about Trevor Mallard’s and Labour’s new election strategy it is called the Gnome’s Underpants Stealing plan.

When I broke the story of Labour’s appalling information and privacy security with their wide open site I fully expected that they would retaliate.

I knew they would attack my mental health, attack my employment status and attack my integrity. I also knew they would attack my site.

Yesterday I received confirmation from my third independent source that Labour has put out a contract amongst the hacking community to deface or take down my site. All sources confirm that the job has a price and that senior Labour figures are the ones requesting the attack.

They will of course deny it, but the simple fact is that people are talking and people are angry that such a job is out there. Two of my snitches are left leaning, one is a Green member. They were appalled by the suggestion.

I have been told that no one as yet has accepted the job. Labour and their conduits are being turned down flat.

Which gets me back to Labour’s Underpants Stealing Plan.

So here is Duck’s cun­ning cam­paign plan to defeat a blogger in an asymmetrical war he can’t win, following the Underpants Stealing plan:

  1. Hack Whale’s site
  2. ?
  3. Win votes

Yep that’ll work. But seriously, I’m flattered that they hate me so much and think I am such a threat that they will put out a contract to hack my site. Excuse me while I just laugh and laugh and laugh some more.

I mean seriously? Is that it? Is that all you’ve got?


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  • kevin

    This is gold… for a new low in labour politics.

  • Trevor Mallard

    Bullshit Whale. The only contract we have let is to hack our own site. For some reason couldn’t convince party to give you the contract.

    • Not bullshit Trevor, that is your preserve. I have spoken to 3 people independently and they all confirm what they were offered.

      Looks like you have some rogue elements in the party.

      • Ciaron

        Make sure he doesn’t have one of these:

  • Computer geeks just HATE having their stuff-ups exposed; and Labour’s stuff-up was an absolute doozy. Look forward to finding out whether the Whale or the Duck is right; my money’s on WO.

  • royaloaks

    Liarbour are a party of liars and sleaze. Stay alert whale. They are that desperate they would sell their Granny’s fine china.