What was he thinking

Paul Henry takes the piss. The pinkos and “haters and wreckers” will get upset over this for sure.

Kind of like they are over Murray Deaker. Fresh from trying to tank Whitcoulls, idiot/Savant is now trying to get a provate broadcaster to sack one of their commentators. (no link the filthy commie scum doesn’t deserve it.)


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  • reid

    Sorry Paul. You’re quite amusing when on TV but I can’t be arsed understanding anything deeper, re: you and your inner thoughts or family history.

    Unless you give me a signed copy that I sell on Trade-Me for a profit, then it’s OK.

    • whafe

      reid, obviously you fit in with Mzzzzzz Clark, a wrecker & a hater…

  • titanuranus

    Thought he had fucked off to L.A to become the next best thing,didn`t work out?