Wikileaks good, Whaleleaks bad

There is much outrage from the paid lap-bloggers at The Standard. Funny thing is they are speaking, Jenny (Eddie) Michie in particular like official Labour spokes-people despite no public utterance from labour anywhere.

They should remember what they post though. Google is helpful.

Wikileaks Good! (thats a good one)

Red Alert also wax lyrical about Wikileaks
(these all good too)

Somehow though, all of a sudden Whaleleaks bad!


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  • tooright

    As the good corporal always said “they don’t like it up ’em”

  • thor42

    Definite hypocrisy by both The Standard and Red Alert.
    On another topic…. how’s the training going, WO? Ticking over ok?

  • cadwallader

    Tell you what WO: The Standard is aglow tonight.
    I expect it would be visible from outer space. The angry panic is amazing. I foresee a Chernobyl type meltdown before 9am tomorrow.
    The utter hypocrisy of the Labour acolytes has now extended to beneficiary bashing…one beneficiary particularly. Heard from Mallard?

    • thor42

      Labour? Beneficiary-bashing? Their ***core constituency***?
      Woohoo! They’re “feeding on their own!” Cannibalism!
      Whip out the burley bucket, WO……..

  • thor42

    I wonder if the Clark-beast has had a call tonight? A plaintive plea for help…….

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    Judging by the wailing in Standard land, there is definately “something to see here”.

    Meethinks they doth protest waaaaaaayyyyyyyy to much.

  • thor42

    I just **really really hope** that WO is able to get the stuff “out there” even if the boys in blue decide to detain him.
    Hopefully that’s an unlikely scenario, but still…..

  • I don’t often read The Standard, but i ventured over there tonight, because i had heard they were all in a tizz over you.

    That Eddie sure is upset. I am picturing him / her frantically dialing the WINZ dob in a mate line, and screaming your name…then ringing it again…then again…

  • thor42

    I popped into The Standard as well (first time ever).
    Some moron there was saying that “NASA research shows that the HAARP project was the cause of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami”. ( HAARP = High Altitude Atmospheric Research Project. Conspiracy freaks blame it for everything from cellulite to the death of Elvis….. )
    Anyway – I popped in a riposte which said that my research shows that single-digit IQs are the cause of support for the Labour Party.
    Thor42 1, left-wing fucktard nil.

  • toby

    They sure are having a mental fit over Cameron supposedly “stealing data” and other words like “breach”, “thief”, “break in”. All I can say is that it ain’t breaking and entering if there is no break-in required.
    Amusing quote:
    “It will be interesting to learn if the actual breach was made by Slater, whose tech skills are poor…”
    That’s a bit of an own goal. If Slater’s tech skills are poor, then it is all the more embarrassing that he was able to so easily obtain this data.

  • NX

    Be careful WhaleOil. You’re really stirred up a hornets net with this one.

    From the guys who stole Brash’s emails, the entrapment of English, to the nuts who shouted at Key during the ’08 election campaigned, these are the lefties you are messing with.

    I’ve even been threaten by them – when I use to comment on The Standard – they use my IP address to deduce where I worked. Not that I really cared, but it made me realise what they were about.

    However, if there’s one guy bullish enough to take ’em on, who won’t be intimidated, it’s Whaleoil.

  • expat

    nx, add that to the c*cks at the
    standard trying to upload trojans toyour PC…

    • Damn…I use a mac

      • if the lack of basic security at their website is any indication it is likely that they do not have anyone with sufficient IT knowledge to mount that kind of attack. Wait, wasn’t there that girl who made a Goggle bomb about John Key as a ‘ joke ‘
        Maybe they should give her a call.