You can polish a turd Pinko

David Farrar famously described Don Brash’s successful take over attempt of ACT as a cluster f*ck. He was talking about the tactics that Don Brash used, he turned out to have mis-read the situation appallingly.

Today in the Herald he asserts that in the case of Darren Hughes he is trying to polish a turd. He assumes that it is difficult to do, if not impossible. He is wrong about that too. You can in fact polish a turd and Labour and Darren Hughes must have taken lessons from Mythbusters.


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  • axeman

    What Hughes is attempting. ‘You can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter…’

    • mediatart

      very troll.
      But can it smile and wave ?

      • whalewatcher

        troll or droll?
        tart or doll?

        • mediatart


  • whalewatcher

    Hughes doesn’t so much polish the turd, he burnishes it with his red-hot poker

    he remains electa non grata

    come ‘straight’ for us Dazza, if you can. The gauntlet is thrown. You are, at present, guilty until proven innocent – the reality of public life…

    .. by the way, were you wearing your gauntlet at Mizz King’s house that night?